Buying an electric guitar for beginners

Bob the sound guy gives some valuable advice to parents or those looking to buy an electric guitar for a beginner and don’t know where to start. For more tips visit

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25 Responses to “Buying an electric guitar for beginners”

  • helpmefastGT:

    is rocker rg 100 pk guitar good? or Suzuki or Yamaha guitar good?

  • JMIDMv2:

    Guys, just a few tips. It’s not on the guitar. i bought a guitar less than a 100 maybe 80. It sounds amazing + it has an amplifier. It’s just how you play with the guitar. Then upgraded it from standard s-s-s to h-s-h with push/pull pups. for about $120. now i am enjoying a custom $200 guitar with a sound of both les paul and stratocaster. just a price of $200. FYI: the brand is Fernando(does anyone knows it?). now i am saving up for amplifier and effects.

  • hcfingerboards:

    Is first act a good brand for jun now starting out I have one but my strings broke and I accendently hit it against the wall and broke a wire so is this a good brand to just start out with please reply as soon as possible

  • arzakoor:

    I need help! I want an electric guitar and I don’t want to spend to much, but I am an intermediate player, slightly above beginner. What do you suggest?

  • TheDiegoordaz:

    Were is the store at

  • moments4life100:

    is bc rich warlock a good guitar? plzz REPLY

  • lillyzip:

    so the amp and guitar and all the other things in the package are about 200-300$?

  • wilcox2146:

    hey man nice video , i am a beginner looking for a good brand guitar within the 200$-400$ ranger i dont want anything too cheap that sounds junky and someone recommended me the gibson sg guitar but i have been researching it and the prices are up to 2,000$ on some so i need some help pls! thank you

  • Bob Ranalli:

    It’s a real nice guitar, and will definitely rock out for you, but if you’re looking for cleaner tones, you may want to get a Mexican Fender strat, and have a humbucker pickup put in the bridge position. This way, you can have all the rock out potential of the humbucker plus the cleaner tones of the single coil pickups.

  • Brokenhawk121:

    Im 13 and really want a Ibanez-RG3EXFM1, but is it a good buy for me? My first electric, but I’ve played guitar for about a year and a half. Is it worth the price of 350? And if not can you point me to a better one? I like heavy distortion but I want to be able to play clean to, not anything muddy though. Help?

  • Bob Ranalli:

    Cort used to be a good brand back in the early 80′s.(I think the Bangles used to play some Cort guitars) Not sure about anything new. .

  • krazykirill:

    hey please reply to this i want to buy a cort x11 im a begginnner is cort a good brand

  • Kevin Rojas:

    What about a ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar

  • Bob Ranalli:

    Probably anything by Fender, Dean, Yamaha, or Epiphone would be O.K. for a starter. I wouldn’t spend any less than $200, though, as the real cheap stuf will fail…

  • Bob Ranalli:

    Should be O.K. If you wanna really rock out, make sure your amp has a real good distortion/overdrive channel.

  • Bob Ranalli:

    Sure. As long as it plays well, and there are no electronic problems, it’ll be fine

  • polyrider81:

    Can Epiphone LP 100 be a good start ? I’ve never had an electric guitar before, just acoustic.

  • Kevin Rojas:

    Is a Dean Vendetta XMT a good beginner guitar, I wanna play heavy metal music

  • lilpainify:

    im a beginner.. im into rock n roll n metal.. what guitar should i get?

  • harleynicole17:

    Someone help! I’m 13 and want to start learning a electric guitar but for a first I want just a cheap,really good brand. Anyone know a brand?

  • Aawhan Kafle:

    what about cheap SX models???

  • egnusmas:

    ok thank u very much for reply

  • damageplan67:

    It is hit or miss quality wise I would get an Epiphone,Squier or Ibanez all are good and you can get one for 100-200 bucks but go to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash (music store) and play one try it out first then decide what you like.Don’t go to Walmart,Best Buy or Costco ect.

  • damageplan67:

    The Ibanez jampack IJV50 is an exellent guitar and Yamaha are really good to as are Squier and Epiphone you can get a good beginner guitar for 100-200 bucks.

  • damageplan67:

    The Starcaster by Fender is poor China Quality too they are as bad as these brands J.B. Player,Barcelona,Trinity River,Crescent all these brands have tuning problems,intonation issues and very high action as well as some with warped necks.Do not buy on Ebay go to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash or other store that specializes in musical instruments. Costco,Walmart and Best Buy steer away from. First Act are junk too.