How to Buy Your First Guitar

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Buying a guitar can be a daunting experience, whether you are just getting started and don’t know how to play yet or if you are an experienced player. The choices are overwhelming. Brands, models, features, looks, sound, prices…. In this video, Steve Falter interviews Luthier and Custom Guitar Builder Peter Taylor, of Chellee Guitars. He will show, you what you need to know to make a good decision whether you are a new or an experienced player. This video primarily covers the basics and Acoustic Guitars. In Part 2, we will cover Electric Guitars. Visit Steve’s Music Studio at Visit Peter’s company, Chellee Guitars, at http

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43 Responses to “How to Buy Your First Guitar”

  • gregsbest:

    Thank you for this down to earth approach Andrew. Appreciate the finer points, and without the
    hype found on other YouTube guitar-buying clips.
    Informative, clear, well thought out ! 5 stars!.

  • creativeguitarstudio:

    Yeah, by all means. Thanks for watching and for linking too. All the best! – Andrew

  • Scotty David:

    Great video Andrew! I came across your site after creating a blog about Picking A Guitar using a creative approch. If you don’t mind I’m going to link this view to my blog. Great info!




    Dean, Esp, B.C. Rich, Jackson, etc…


    Yeah right.


    Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III.
    It has electric and acoustic pickups and settings.

  • iLetDie:

    There are acoustic guitars with pick ups.

  • jdsnuff:

    although i havn’t bought a guitar yet, I was given a washburn dime signature guitar

  • obhealer:

    Good information Sir, thank you.

  • sketcher4lyfe:

    I got a Seagull s6 from my art teacher for 200$ sounds great too. :) 

  • 1cleandude:

    Whatever you buy, make sure the string height is properly setup. This is very critical for beginners!!!

  • EOthmane:

    Dude I just applied, how much time befored they called you ??

  • geniusxpr1:

    Guys, I just got my first gibson guitar for FREE, apply here to get yours : , this is legit !!

  • tomck:

    Why is it whenever you see a guitar studio there always seems to be a dodgy looking rug…….

  • alieninvasion1999:

    My first guitar was a steel stringed fender squire….I still have it,it’s great :D

  • CrisKG125:

    Fender, Washburn, Gibson, PRS.

  • DRGK9:

    my first was a warped peice of shit acoustic from the salavation army lol. now i play an epiphone les paul though

  • trednessive:

    Yeah, my friend has one

  • Moromis13:

    @jhrejhmjhr It’s called an electric acoustic.

  • Thelonesniper101:


  • jhrejhmjhr:

    what if you want a guitar that gives you best of both worlds something that combines a acoustic and electirc in the right way, is there a guitar like that?

  • btd96:

    My first guitar was a hand-down from my grandpa, a Lyon by Washburn, and ive been playing it for about 5 years now, and i want to move onto a new one, and im 14 years old with no job, but getting plenty of money for Christmas and bday (they are next to each other) i get about an average of $300 so far on guitar center ive found a ESP LTD EC-10, and a Epiphone Les Paul Special II, for under 200, should purchase one of these, if any other choice please a guitar under $300

  • TheBlacksabbathfan9:

    I got a fender strat at guitar center for maybe $500 not to bad. Well I think it was on sale but, I love it it is a great guitar sounds nice I love it. This is not word for word bit Jimmy page pretty much said buy a good guitar and you’ll have a better experience. Not100% sure what he actually said but I was something like that

  • tutorialconr:

    I have been playing a 80$ Santana Steel string acoustic guitar for 3 years, and want to move on to electric. I am interested in the Pink Floyd sound, and I have seen their guitarist (David Gilmour) mainly plays the Fender Stratocaster. But thats too expensive for me, so what about the Squier strat ?

  • noventay4:

    Takamine is a better option

  • sUmtIngwOng93:

    Hi I’ve been learning guitar for nearly 2 years now and my guitar is the cheapest the store had to offer. I’m now looking for an electro acoustic as a permanent guitar, hopefully one that lasts a few years. I need help deciding between Ibanez Steve Vai EP5 or Ibanez Joe Satriani JSA5, any suggestions? Thank you

  • LrnzSkate:

    what is the best type of guitar for fingerpicking guitar style?….

  • LrnzSkate:

    what is the best type of guitar for fingerpicking guitar style?

  • Steve Falter:

    As we discussed in the video, it’s best to play any guitar you are considering buying. Try a local music store. They may be able to help by showing you several guitars in your price range and most offer a money-back return policy. It will save you time, money and help you make a decision you’ll be happier with.

  • bobrusable:

    I was going to get the yamaha gigmaker deluxe acoustic guitar pack which is a hard top. Or should i get the FG700s. I just don’t know which one would sound better. I will buy the things that come in the pack separately if the fg700s is better. oh and I’m most likely buying this online? i’m a beginner

  • bobrusable:

    I was going to get the yamaha gigmaker deluxe acoustic guitar pack which is a hard top. Or should i get the FG700s. I just don’t know which one would sound better. I will buy the things that come in the pack separately if the fg700s is better.

  • Tori Swindle:

    Im thinking of buying a good beginner guitar and i was looking at fender do you recommend the fender FA-100 or the fender DG-8s which one do you think is better cause they both look like a really good guitar

  • Ken Ross:

    I’m going to get a guitar anyone know a good brand?

  • JYabbz:

    Bluesman1218 what do you think about the new Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster? I heard nothing but great things about it. I already have a MIM Tele & Strat & EG340SC. Do you think it would be a good addition.

  • jordana rowlandson:

    but i’m buying it off amazon how will i get to feel and play it

  • jordana rowlandson:

    i’m thinking of buying a guitar is epiphone a good make

  • nyclear:

    Is one brand notorious for a gentler action? I am a chiropractor and would like something I can play now and again that won’t be as harsh on the fingers. I don’t like the sound of nylon though. Price is less of an issue.

  • AndonMie:

    This is a wonderful video! Thank you so much.

  • fu2iosa:

    what guitar is that in the video ?

  • ajagirl14:

    i want to buy a acoustic guitar from best buy for one hundred and fifty dollars do you think that it will play good?:)

  • nunchaku1992:

    man this is sooo informative! thank you guys

  • harjinder14:

    thanks guys, you have made it a lot easier to chose a guitar since im a beginner. i look forward and feel more confident to buy an acoustic guitar from a music store.