How to choose or decide what style of guitar. Thing to know before buying a guitar.

New version of this video GCH Guitar Academy. Your first guitar lessons. Choosing what style of guitar to buy electric, semi acoustic, acoustic, etc. This information is invaluable to have before shopping for or buying your first guitar. for more information
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24 Responses to “How to choose or decide what style of guitar. Thing to know before buying a guitar.”

  • krom007:

    This guy has a voice that is just perfect for subliminal messages and i believe he works for some secret service and now i am programed to do some spy stuff i wont remember later :-)

  • viola0shredder:

    chapman ml-1

  • gchguitaracademy:

    That’s not a bad thing to use a different style of guitar, if you write music in country style it will always sound different to all the other stuff out their and this will make you stand out.

  • realsnesify:

    I love the country style picking and i know acoustic steel string is the one i need but i’m more comfortable with classical guitar. And the sound is enough for me. It doesn’t sound like one that Willie Nelson has but still i like the sound.

  • fistoftheaxis:

    Don’t buy specials, they suck.
    For a 400$ budget I would recommend a LP-100. For 200 more $ you can get an LP Standard or an SG G400. Whatever you do, don’t get the specials, a tremolo bar may be tempting, but without a floyd rose locking system they suck.
    Also remember that you have to buy an amp.

  • ruskiiin1975:

    can someone help me ?? im going to buy my 1st electric planning to buy an epiphone lp special 2..i’ve wanted an ibanez before but my budget is atleast 18-20k ( about 400 US dollars ) and i think that price can only afford a gio ibanez..i can say that i play stuff with my acoustic but im not so familiar with electric guitars. im not a skilled fast guitar player and i mostly play breakdowns.. what can be my options ?? TNX !!

  • gchguitaracademy:

    Yes, solid bodied would be best for rock and metal.

  • HasenDarkness:

    I would need a solid body electric guitar if I want to play heavy metal and rock from bands like Bon Jovi, Disturbed etc. Right?

  • davidthesicmaggot:

    ibanez rg

  • gchguitaracademy:

    All the bands you mention use different guitars and Rise Against have had a lot of success with acoustic stuff, but to get the sound of the electric stuff, any guitar with a humbucker should achieve the sound you want. A coil tap would be a bonus.

  • canoyer86:

    Ive been playing an elecric guitar for about a year or so, and i know the basics and can play a few easy songs by blink 182, sum 41, the offspring, etc. Im starting to begin slightly harder stuff by rise against. If i want to have the sound that rise against gets, what style is best for me?

  • bubble36:

    True. Can you recommend a single guitar that can play wide varieties of music such as acoustic and some electric. Like 70′s and 80′s rock plus acoustic songs from the 70′s and 80′s era also. Thanks in advance.

  • gchguitaracademy:

    Just sit down with it and get the feel for it. If the guitar is too heavy, big or small you will know without having to play it.

  • bubble36:

    How can you sit down and play the guitar if you don’t have a guitar to have learned on it? :O

  • colasteck:

    please tell me what you think! i don’t know which guitar to choose…
    i hesitate between telecaster, jaguar and gibson les paul. i already have a strat.
    thx =)

  • MrFA1512:

    An elecro acoustic has a feel for electric howeer tends to be more expensive. Get a dreadnought until your good.

  • martyqueen88:

    you have a relaxing voice man..

  • Ferny Martinez:

    LTD is the best brand maybe a m-100fm or a mh-50 they are the best guitars for the money

  • Cena5426:

    I would say a squire or epiphone or you can get a used fender mexi standard for around the same price range of 300 or below

  • Aka0kami:

    Since I’m not too confident when I’m playing guitar, I’ve been thinking of buying an electric guitar so I can play it unplugged (so it’s quite while I’m practicing) and use the amp whenever. (I have an acoustic already and apparently it’s really loud.)

    But I’m stuck between the choice of a semi-hollow electric guitar to a solid body one.I normally play rock, and at other times blues and jazz.

    Any suggestions? Thank You ^^

  • Deeputa92:

    I have started learning the guitar. But i am confused as to which type to buy as for now.
    I am interested in playing rock music, to be specific metal genre as i improve.
    i’ll buy an electric later on. but as for now which one should i buy to get a feel of electric

  • gchguitaracademy:

    It would make sense . . .

  • haze778:

    If I want an electric guitar should I get it first

  • mrcarepig:

    acoustic for begginers (it helps) any brand , electric SQUIER