How2 Buy Cheap Acoustic or Electric Guitar-Check Neck/Action

talks about how to buy a cheap new acoustic or electric guitar. Things to watch out for and how to inspect the neck and action of the guitar you’re interested in. Hit the big yellow SUBSCRIBE button above to get updates whenever another lesson gets launched on YouTube.
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25 Responses to “How2 Buy Cheap Acoustic or Electric Guitar-Check Neck/Action”

  • ficluva94:

    You ain’t lyin when you said you just know your guitar. I was looking for a new guitar and found this Ibanez. I liked it, but I kept looking. No matter how many different places I looked, I always ended up back on that Ibanez. It’s like it was calling me. Then I looked around and nobody had it. So we went to this small place just to look. We got up there, and it was dim in there and hard to see. No less then 2 minutes, and I found my guitar. Didn’t even look that way, I just turned and knew.

  • 2521noom:

    Some Trick —-  When you search products in Google For cheapest price !!.

    You can Type –> cheap and good Brand or products name.
    Such as , cheap and good reebok , cheap and good levi’s

    And See Website Like This –> Cheap-and-Good levi’s…. <—-It’s Coolllllllll…..

    Or Type cheap-and-good name or brand . It’s better than…
    Such as cheap-and-good levi’s

  • ynyslochtyn:

    That is nice and clear

  • thatguyyoudontfeel:

    my mother is buying me one online….. Good job mom -_-

  • fastLane500:

    Great tips, pal. Gotta ask, what happened to your Dust in the Wind tutorial? Had that in my faves and it’s disappeared!

  • TobiasHolenstein:

    it means like how far away the strings are from the fret board

  • RonBurgundyBitches:

    Two biggest truthes here

    #1 “you’ll know it when you play it”
    #2 “you’ll be afraid to leave the shop in fear that someone else will snatch it up”

    When you play a guitar that plays you, BUY IT NOW!

  • race1717:

    Don’y buy cheap guitars. They wear out easy. Look for midrange or expensive guitars. Be careful on the features, though. Some guitars cost grands and they’re not even worth it.

  • wildwestpoint:

    what does it mean high action or low action?

  • chaoticharvey:

    u rock but i fire a guitar pack it is cheap but it is in a pack so i cant play it  it is a Rockburn Electric Guitar Pack so what shoud i do

  • Mohnish Bakshani:

    me too i was desperate to get a guitar for for guitar 1 and i bought one for 99$ when my mom was going up to $300 and you can get a descent one for $250 but later did i realize there was a guitar store right next to the best buy -_-

  • madguitarest1289:

    i got a epiphone sg gothic guitar for £45 the action is low and its amazing to play please reply to what you think of my guitar the guitar is also 6 years old.

  • bdsbff:

    the cheapest guitar i own is 250$ the most is 900$ i have 2 guitars and im 13 i bought the 250 by myself and payed 500 of the 900 for the other

  • skiny998:

    yeah thats fine it’s ment to buzz a little but not to much. if it’s buzzing very loud it’s most probably got distortion on. If it hasn’t got distortion on and it’s making a buzzing sound i’d stay away from it

  • kaleluk31:

    i likr the way his first analogy was to say its like looking down a rifle lol

    i just hope he dont suffer from depression in later years lol

  • applebychris:

    top advice. just looked at my first guitar always sounded twangey, fret board is slightley twisted

  • MRWHITE3535:

    Fender Acoustic CD140s, i have just measured the low E string on the 12th fret it measured 4.45 mm which is a lot higher than I am used to, and I’ve already filed the saddle down abit so imagine it before! The strings are 12s, is this normal for an acoustic guitar? As I need to press the strings down quite a bit more than my electric to make them sound clear. I’m sorry if this sounds stupid but it is my first acoustic guitar,

  • RSM477:

    idk but i know how to fix it, have someone raise the bridge, ud have to re tune it tho :

  • PeoplesBadmash:

    thanks doc, this is really helpful~

  • misunderstoodmarshan:

    the ninth fret on my guitar buzzes…how much would it cost to get that fixed?

  • CharDarwin:

    Cool advice. Thanks

  • bilbomarks:

    I’d suggest craigslist, pawnshops and local instrument shops before ordering online. That way you can play them before you buy.

  • musikhavok44:

    Thanks Guy..

  • Javier Ochoa:

    the strings break lol sorry man i actually do that thats how i found mine

  • plumberman19:

    action is reffering to the distance from the string to the top of the fret