Steve Ouimette: Tips On Buying A Guitar

For anyone looking to buy their first guitar this video goes over some of the things to look for and look out for.

How to buy a guitar for beginners. Aimed at those looking for an acoustic guitar or parents who want information on buying an acoustic guitar for a child. The music is “Thursday At Seven (Ashleigh’s Song) from my album Forgiving Dreams by Damon Buxton. Music and video Copyright © 2011 Damon Buxton. Music at

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28 Responses to “Steve Ouimette: Tips On Buying A Guitar”

  • raamattcom:

    Why dont u make vids any more

  • Niitram912:

    Thanks (: that’s the reply I was expecting.

  • MrPedja96:

    Hey man i am currently saving my money for this guitar Ibanez GRG270B-BKN in my country it costs 350 euros. I want to play metal and i think this guitar is perfect for me. So tell me what you think about it.
    PS: That’s gonna be my first electric guitar.

  • Steve Ouimette:

    I think you’d be happy with an Epiphone LP. Though the Beatles never used a Les Paul you can most certainly play Beatles songs on one.  Les Pauls are generally used for a thicker tone, great for rock, blues, metal. Just take a look at who plays them and that will tell the whole story.

  • edddiux:

    so, do you think that for an amateur player like myself (i have 3 years playing, but I dont wanna go pro or anything) an epiphone les paul is the best option to play things like metallica and beatles?? Generally talking of course

  • MasterOfTrapos:

    i’m not steve, but i think that if you buy a jem at that level of playing it would be a waste unless you improve a little or a lot
    but if talking about guitars, i think it’s a really good guitar for almost everything. most of the genres you mentioned can perfectly be played on a jem, but mostly metal, rock, progressive rock, progressive metal, heavy metal and steve vai’s stuff
    if you think you’re ready, buy it, it’s a really good guitar
    and don’t forget to make good use of the floyd rose

  • Steve Ouimette:

    Depends on the model you’re talking about. To do classic rock like Beatles or CCR on a metal guitar is not going to sound right. That is of course if the metal guitar has super high output humbuckers. If you’re talking about an Epiphone Les Paul then you’d probably be able to get some of it. Beatles were known for their Rickenbackers, Epiphone Casino, etc.

  • edddiux:

    would you recommend an epiphone?? because i want a guitar that has a killer metal tone, but i want it to also work for things like the beatles and creedence. Mainly i want it because of the look that it has, wish is like generalizer for the genres

  • tchoeool:

    Thanks this is really helpful but I still have a couple of questions:

    when you ask somebody to “set up” the guitar, would they set it upo diferrently for different people based on their preferences or is the person doing it gonna know straight away what I mean?

    Also, what type of guitar would you recommend for blues/rock? in the range of $300-$600. I currently have a very cheap les paul-style thing which is fine for when I was starting but I am looking to progress.

    Thanks again

  • xxxguitarxguyxxx:

    Superdestroyer6. A good amp would be peavey. There a good solid amp for beginners through advanced. I use elixer strings. Cost around 15 bucks. But you definately wont regret getting them

  • cacarocker02:

    mr steve i would like to know are gonna post any other guitar lesson vid it would come pretty handy for people that would like to learn a like me appreciate it and sorry for wasting your time

  • wilcox2146:

    Hey steve im 16, i want to get a guitar and i most rock , ACDC,Rise Against, and so on and i am currently in the 300 $ range .. what do you recommend? Thanks

  • SuperDestroyer6:

    Steve, Im happy with my guitar, however I have 2 questions: 1) which string (brands and models) would you recommend? (I currently use Ernie Ball’s) and, I dont have an amp yet so which amps do you recommend, but that are not terribly expensive? thanks for the time and your EPIC album has some if not the best guitar work Ive ever heard!

  • SharkaZz:

    What does he mean with ‘setting up a guitar’? Is it like replacing strings or something…?

  • ISN1P3DI:

    yeah tbh, you really dont need an upgrade (especially now you’ve got the strat :P ), most of the sound doesnt come from the guitar, it comes from the pickups (humbuckers/single coils), the signal chain (what pedals you have/where you put them), the amp and most importantly YOU, your playing style makes a HUGE difference to the sound. you could probably make that yamaha sound awesome with a pickup change and then spend the rest on a nice amp, what genre’s do you play?

  • Riffmeister12:

    i got a yamaha pacifica 112jmx right now, and i needed a new guitar cus the one ive got right now, it plays nice and all but its not a very nice sounding one but its a good player.
    tomorrow im getting my fender stratocaster back from the shop i had a while ago from a friend, im going to use that now as my main guitar as its a beauty, im gonna stick a video of it up on my channel soon of it if you want to see it:)

  • ISN1P3DI:

    personally i would save up and buy a standard fender strat(MIM). what guitar do you have at the moment? why are you upgrading?

  • ISN1P3DI:

    @KornGP47 @MultiMegadante most guitars that are used for metal are mahagony body (not easy to find at a low price, and not really essential) with humbucker pickups. BUT most of the “metal sound” comes from the player, if you pick gently your sound will be gentle, pick harder and you get more gain.

    if this is your first guitar i would buy something like an ibanez GRG 170DX and a roland cube. at this stage its important to buy a guitar that is comftable to play so that you can improve.

  • KornGP47:

    Hi Steve! I’m looking for a guitar that can play between Rock and Metal that is also great for tapping and would give me a nice clean tone and also a dark distortion. Which guitar would be compatible for the specifications I need?

  • MultiMegadante:

    steve i want to know i am loking for a guitar for play metal like metallica megadeth you know a good guitar for play these?

  • Steve Ouimette:

    Hey there! I’d say you can’t go wrong with the Ibanez RG or Prestige series. Great guitars for that. And, thank you for the kind words, that means a lot to me.

  • ReBcHeT666:

    Hey’a Steve, what’d you recommend for playing mostly metal that has a clearer sound for tapping, sweeping and simmilar?
    Thanks in advance and keep up with your awesome work!

  • Riffmeister12:

    hey steve im looking at buying a squire classic vibe stratocaster, i used to play guitar hero 3 all day when i played devil went down to georga, completed it on expert and after that was inspired to start playing the guitar, been playing for 3 years and i love playing still, any advice, the guitar is roughly $350 in american dough and £275 in english currency, thanks!

  • fatihalt:

    Hi Steve! I first heard your songs in Guitar Hero 5. I must tell, your covers are excellent. I was fascinated by your Hark! The Herald Angels Sing cover. Keep it up pls!
    I had a question for you about guitars, but couldn’t explain the situation fully in here due to character limit so I will send a personal message instead.
    Keep up the awesomeness! :)
    A fellow guitar player

  • damonbuxton:

    The guitars are one-offs made by Seattle-area luthiers. The steel string guitar was made by David Haxton. The classical guitar was made by Mark Stanley.

  • universalsoul21:

    What kind of guitar are you holding?

  • damonbuxton:

    Awesome! Have fun!!

  • oaklandfla2:

    very good information