We Recommend Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Looking for a gift for your friends? Why not give them a new video game, one like Guitar Hero?

The Guitar Hero series is probably the best thing that’s closest to playing a real guitar. Now I know that most of you would rather play the real thing, but the only difference here is that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has a story mode. I’m sure that would interest most avid gamers. Not only that, but the video game also comes with a dandy-looking guitar controller.

We Recommend Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock | Guitar Guide

One customer gave the following review:

My husband and I, ages 49 and 55 pre-ordered this bundle. When we received it we allowed ourselves 15 min. of play time. After that we put it back in the box until Christmas. Two months of knowing what we were going to be able to have after Christmas was driving us crazy. We were like kids on Christmas eve!! We couldn’t wait to get the gifts open and ship the kids home so we could rock out the rest of the night.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new guitar. Would like to see a track pack for us old time jammers. Give me some Elvis…LOL

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