09 G Major and D Major Guitar Chords

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to “09 G Major and D Major Guitar Chords”

  • Daniel Maman:

    Its so hard in the G chord to put the 3 finger on the first string! :( 

  • cheesecutter667:

    i cant play a D major
    too hard

  • J.Scott Beck:

    Nate, I am enjoying your videos. I am a beginner and have noticed
    something on chord diagrams. Can you explain why some of the finger/fret
    positions are black and some are white? I have seen a few diagrams that
    contain both.

  • Aayush Karna:

    U r jst awesome fella!! (Y)

  • Caden Witt:

    Nate your awesome i m just learning and doing really good thanks to you

  • jordan anderson:

    I just started playing and my fingers hurt it that normal? And how do I get
    my fingers not touch neighboring strings?

  • Klenemeene:

    it feels much easier for me to use my 4th finger on the high E string, is
    that ok or will people look at me funny when I do what -_-

  • Cassadi Price:

    Mine is tuned wrong huh

  • ed bowden:

    pretty frustrated. any tips for someone with short fat fingers

  • vicimil:

    my first time, m G sound good!!! but my pinky is hurting, i can’t seem to
    relax it, while i use the 3rd finger… any advise?

  • jeremy balamanage:

    You are the BEST guitar teacher,Nate!! Thanks soooooo much! :D

  • nexus1g:

    Well, they’re wrong! But be careful (as always — outside of the Internet
    included) because not everything is accurate. :)

  • Ameena Moos:

    Nate, your tutorials are very helpful. Thanks a lot!

  • Rex Pearson:

    You got to love youtube for learning guitar. Such an Amazing resource. Im
    using it as the foundation for a great new beginner guitar course. Would
    love to have your feedback on it! RexPearson. com

  • flawns:

    I keep on mutting, that’s my newbie mistake. :| got a long way to go

  • Ginta1996:

    This is quite a low chord, it is probably fine

  • NeverTooSarcastic:

    I was always taught to strum strings 5-1 when playing the D major chord,
    but my teacher called it D7, are they the same thing?

  • TheAto2000:

    I watched to see that I missed anything in my knowledge.Plus I’m still
    trying to fo figure out how not to stumble on the B striong when fingering
    the D chord after 4 months

  • Nathan Morton:

    Thank you Nate

  • velonica037:

    i try to play the g using my fingers 234, the way u do ur g, i sorta mute
    the 5th string. how u put ur fingers on that properly? because our 3rd
    finger is not long enough so it sorta touches the 5th string..

  • Artoem Kushner:

    Oh maaan… i really dig the way you’r talking

  • Ian Hamilton:

    i’m so glad he mentioned that @ 3:38 because it sure did lol

  • Thomas Harris:

    OK, so I can get all of the strings to sound on G Major. Had to file all of
    my finger nails down to nothing. My 123 fingers feel like they have been
    attacked with razor blades. Takes me almost 5 minutes to get left hand into
    position. But: all the strings sound….

  • Memphis Hat:

    Well, it can. I think you’re talking about using your fourth finger to hit
    the third fret of the high E string, and your third finger to hit the third
    fret of the B string… that is also a G chord. The only requirement for a
    G chord is that you have the notes G B and D in it. The way he’s playing it
    (in ascending order) is G B D G B G, and the way I think you’re describing
    is G B D G D G. Either way is good, just a slightly different character.

  • Joanna Amescua:

    wow!!! thanks this is really helping me and it sounds so smooth and perfect
    ahhh I’m in love with my guitar ^_^

  • Chuck McLaughlin:

    This is the BEST lesson I’ve found for playing this song! I am just started
    learning guitar, and this is the first song I’ve learned to play! The video
    of your hands, plus tabs, lyrics and chords made it all so easy to follow
    and learn. Plus, your voice is beautiful!

  • Ephraim Raj:


  • nkkbsnplako88:

    After years of not playing the guitar, and After joining a Christian group,
    I find myself wanting to learn the instrument once more. Thanks to you I’ll
    be able to learn more praise and worship songs. Thank you for helping
    beginners such as myself, keep up the good work. God Bless :)

  • Chuck McLaughlin:

    Okay, I should probably correct myself. After watching your other videos, I
    realized you are not the one singing (unless you are really good at
    imitating a 7 year-old girl as well as an adult soprano). So whoever’s
    singing in this video, you have a beautiful voice!