4 simple chords Easy Acoustic Beginner Guitar songs w/ exercises strum patterns

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24 Responses to “4 simple chords Easy Acoustic Beginner Guitar songs w/ exercises strum patterns”

  • Abby Vance:

    Thank you so much it helped me ALOT! Thank you!

  • joseph bowman:

    Video Session for Learning Starts at 2:32

  • Katelyn Sweeney:

    Wow you’re an amazing teacher! I’ve only been playing for a day and somehow managed to get this!!

  • aditya01ist:

    i love that next level guitar pdf file
    thanks and love

  • MegaHellbone:

    Best Teacher on the world! Big LIKE!

  • taveaalo321:

    Hey there! Have you thought about the X7 Guitar Mind Implant (search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy learned a bunch of great tunes with it.

  • rabbi504564MWWW:

    Hi hi! Have you ever tried the X7 Guitar Mind Implant (do a search on google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my sister learned to play like in a week with it.

  • TheBrett59:

    Hey David i have a question how a person like me with one hand not keep muffling the strings?

  • aMetal7Headx:

    i mean o offense by this, it’s a great lesson, but has anyone ever told you that you like like “John” from the Saw movies?

  • jim0582:

    Great video man. I have been on hiatus for the last while and I am startin to get back into it after 5 years. This vid has made it easy to pick up my guitar again and want to learn. I will be playing love songs to my gf in no time.

  • jludtxs:

    I was given an old Yamaha fg345 that has had electric added to it. I am watching your vids. They say how important the size is but….. even though this guitar is kinda big for me I don’t want to give it back. I know I will need a strap to hold it steady but is it hopeless for me to keep trying on this guitar? I am only 5’2″. I am willing to put in the work and time to learn to play this guitar. Any advice?

  • easystar777:

    1st timer here,i cant seem to keep my fingers from touching the string next to the string im playing, making the cord sound crappy, example 2nd cord shown, my ring ringer dulls string below it (middle finger/ string) how do i get past this?

  • allison11kat:

    i dont kno any yet so u hav a chance

  • 28dayslaterboy:

    any relly easy guitar songs??? im a begginer n the only song i know is satifation by rolling stones but only the begining :l

  • 89len:

    thanks for the help, great vid for beginners, keep them coming!

  • MyManchesterunited12:

    in my chord sheet it says e minor played with the 2nd and third finger but you said first and second does it matter

  • junocheez:

    thank you! i actually accessed them shortly after posting this. i have watch all your videos and i’m finally able to play most pop songs! I rele enjoyed your methods of teaching. i’m forever indebted to you! thanks man!

  • rockongoodpeople:

    - hi -click on the link in the text box below this video lesson and fill out the form and we will email you the free lessons and free Ebook – rock on!
    David T

  • junocheez:

    how do i access the five free videos?

  • Smexykitty23:

    THANK YOU!! >:))

  • Gears Ferrer:

    bro thx a plenty man, I impress my girl enoug to say yes

  • moreofmyselftokiII:

    dude you’re awesome for taking the time to do this for us(guitar noobs) I really enjoy the energy you give off and you have a great way of explaining things : )

  • ZepppeLiNe22:

    I honestly really like all of your tutorials, you are an excellent teacher and you’re full of positive energy that really makes it easier for someone to learn how to play guitar. Keep it up! :)

  • 707GodsMinion:

    search around for an acoustic tuner on amazon or ebay some are cheap.