Ashokan farewell guitar chords

Ashokan farewell guitar chords.
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30 Responses to “Ashokan farewell guitar chords”

  • Miztress:


  • Lauren Dencker:

    On the b minor, are you using a bar chord? And how are you playing the f#
    I’m having a hard time seeing your fingering position from this angle

  • stevekon:

    Can you show the other hand on this? I’m trying to learn it and very VERY

  • harryfaber:

    Very gentle.

  • 1979buchner:

    I cheat on the B minor a bit. Instead of playing a full bar, I just use my
    first finger on the second fret of the A string, add in the usual other
    three fingers for a normal barred B minor and then just avoid playing the E
    strings. The F# is really a passing note added onto the bottom of the open
    D chord that I play with my thumb on the low E. Make sense? It’s pretty
    awful technique, but it works for me.

  • limgim:

    Hey Scott, love your videos and the way you teach the theory behind the
    playing without ever leaving out the fun of learning new stuff. Really
    enjoyed this.
    I wonder if you had any suggestions on how to find the notes on the
    fretboard and play the lines as fast as I can sing them when I improvise to
    a chord progression.
    Thanx again for the great lessons.

  • MesaLover65:

    Hey Scott, I just discovered your videos. It is great to watch an
    instructor that actually explains things in depth and in layman’s terms
    so too speak. Thank you for posting these great lessons.

  • Randy Fry:

    Hey Scott,
    I have been strumming around on the guitar for a couple of years kind of a
    family tradition since our talented bro passed.
    Anyway I decided to pic up bass playing and found your site.
    I have to say it is one of if not the best instructions ever.
    Thanks much keep up the gift of teaching slow students like me


    The term “Diad” would also be correct when using the term to describe using
    2 notes played at the same time. I tend to use the term “Duad” when playing
    major 3rd intervals or minor 3rd intervals as well as when explaining a
    tri-tone interval or flatted 5′s or a sharp 4th interval. As well as
    explaining that when one is using when playing or writing music and you use
    any 9th natural or sharp or flatted that the real root of the chord isn’t
    needed to call it by that name. Arranging and Comp stuff.

  • groovydjs:

    LOL, You are so very welcome my friend! You can come back as me if you
    want. lol You have my permission. I’ve already been me once and I really,
    really enjoyed it. I would like someone else to have as much fun as I’ve
    had for sure. So….have at it. I’ll put a “Reserved” sign on my soul for
    you. lol

  • Adron Scott:

    That is a BEAUTIFUL bass. Nice, and rich sounding.

  • groovydjs:

    I want to check out your mixer my man. When are you going to post it? Those
    orders will come in for sure. Plus….you have to teach the “Guitarded”
    song! If you don’t mind, I’d love to sit down for a little breakfast. Scoot
    your ass over. lol

  • groovydjs:

    Hi Clive my man! Thank you very much! You know, it’s actually never crossed
    my mind to just put this stuff through my mixer and do a direct line into
    the camera so that I didn’t have to make any noise at all. lol I could just
    toss on the little ear bud headphones. DUH! lol I’ll have to rig that up so
    I can make some real noise! Silently, of course. lol You’re a genius. I
    just took another cup full of tablets for lunch!

  • 1FenderGibson:

    Scott, you are awesome. So glad you don’t let the loser haters ruin the
    great lessons you provide everyone. Also, did I see correctly. One can get
    all of your lessons for $50? I believe I saw that on your website. Am I
    correct or did I read something wrong, because that would be an amazing

  • groovydjs:

    Thanks so very much! I’m glad that they work for you. Different teachers
    click for different people and I’m honored to have you dropping by to pick
    up a thing or two now and then! Many thanks! Scott

  • alan spence:

    This is great, would like more on Music Notes, cords, etc..and you are easy
    too follow,.i have tried following some real crap on here, Also, Thoughts
    on Fender, middle of the road bass’s? like the 500.00 to say 699.00

  • jeraldsrestoration:

    U got it. Yeah i will show thoz off. Lyk i sed this 1 i orderd has 16
    effects built n. Flanger, auto,wau 13 reverbs. Thats what im gonna record
    with cus i can adjust it on the fly huh? I just got back from town. I rode
    12 myls 2day & now im gonna take it ezy 4 a while. I will show the
    guitarded song my man 4 u. i shall fill it lol. Wanna bologna sandwich?
    That mixer should b here 2morow i hope along with the black ukulele, im
    looking 4ward of thoz toys.

  • groovydjs:

    I know my friend. I actually would like to get into that stuff too. The
    claw hammer method is groovy. Correct on the Duad! The person who requested
    this video simply called them that because of the previous video…, I
    ran with it as not to confuse him at all. I am having a ball putting out
    these daily little videos. Like you said, even though they are touched on
    in a couple of my other videos. I figure it’s just music and I’m making
    some groovy friends (just like you) along the way!

  • Clive Davies:

    nice lesson Scott I enjoyed it you make it look so easy the trouble where I
    live I am surrounded by neighbors like Next door plays drums in a band he
    did play bass but as my dad used to say drummers are usually failed
    bassists lol. anyway I nearly always practice with head phones so an Hours
    lesson is about right for my ears and leaves most of what I have learnt in
    my head. regards Clive P.S keep taking the tablets like me lol.

  • paul haga:

    I enjoy your lessons, very easy to learn! Thanks!

  • groovydjs:

    Cool my man. I’m going to go look for that contest now. I’ve only ever won
    1 guitar. I won an Ovation acoustic/electric a couple of years ago and then
    gave it away on my web site to folks that bought my lessons. Pretty cool!
    Yeah, the strap is one of the KISS straps. There have been so many of them.
    lol Of course there are the Ace lightning bolt straps. I must have a dozen
    of those. lol Are the autographed guitars on the Kissonline dot C O M site?

  • jeraldsrestoration:

    Oh man. im having a hell of a nyt. I just took 2 600mg pills, i just took
    an 800mg pill. Tooth pane 2 hy heaven. When i lay down it hurts so bad its
    unreal. On a scale of 1-10 its a 50+ Shoot im gonna C if the dentist cant
    pull it this week. its a damn wisdom tooth that chiped real bad so. I dont
    feel smarter with wisdom teeth my man lol. im gonna get a bowl of serial. U
    should do a video on how 2 make a bowl just 4 shits & grins huh? Do that on
    ur 400th video a request. i took 2 benodryls also

  • hansolo989:

    I really appreciate the fulfillment of my request. The lesson was so
    groovy! I wouldnt mind being reincarnated as you haha

  • groovydjs:

    Damn dude! That sucks big time! Maybe I’ll just tape myself eating a bowl
    of cereal! That would be really groovy! You’re going to have to score some
    street pain killers if they can’t get you in right away for that tooth.

  • groovydjs:

    Thank you. It’s an amazing sounding axe. One of my favorite of all the
    different Iceman basses I have.

  • jeraldsrestoration:

    Mr Groovy how r u this morning my man! Ur up i C. This is nys. ill have 2
    play around with this bass stuff huh? I c the lovely iceman300 ryt there.
    it sounds great. I should c how ta slide works on a bass. i need 2 do sum
    more solos with my bass. i been checking on my orders & nothing yet. They
    shipped but i want it now lol work on my CD & a cool reverb effects video &
    a review of these mixers. They r really wonderful. ill show em 2 u huh? im
    off u want sum bakon? eggs & gravey lol.


    I was wondering if I could request you to teach a short free lesson on how
    to play in the style of “Clawhammer Acoustic Fusion Jazz on the Electric
    guitar”? This is a style I’ve been longing to try to figure out. Thanks
    Scott. ;)

  • przsoldier11:

    Cool now I can switch from groovin to melody/rhythm to lead at the jams.

  • groovydjs:

    It’s always nice to have many toys in your bag of tricks. When the
    guitarist is sluffing off and being lazy with his chops… move right
    in there and light the place up!

  • James Sanders:

    Nice video. Bring out that old Ibanez Iceman. By the way, that is the
    guitar strap I have been looking for. Lol. That strap is like the ones KISS
    uses. KISS is having a drawing for Paul Stanley’s newest washburn guitar.
    That is signed and the Cort Axe Bass that is signed by Gene. The contest is
    going all the way up to september.