Bar Chords Made Easy ( Barre )

Kevin Johnson attacks the evil bar chord monster. The right way to approach this type of chord with good technique that makes it easier. Kevin’s new music school in Broomfield Colorado. Online private lessons are now available! Right now they’re CHEAP! Contact me through PM on youtube, or visit the website listed above and shoot me an email from there.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to “Bar Chords Made Easy ( Barre )”

  • natasha redwood:

    I have short finger!! It’s depressing!!!

  • paulthebob:

    What about if you’re having to really extend to do a barre chord, from the lower frets. For example, barre on 2nd with pinky extending to 6th..

  • Sorthanded02:

    website is closed, this means your not offering classes over internet any longer? Finally understand technique of barre chords except do u place bar down then chord or other way around when playing?

  • robert bradbeer:

    wicked, i’ve been struggling with barre chords, been looking at lots of youtube vids. that haven’t really helped. kevin, you the man ! found your way of explaining and demonstrating very easy to follow, and to remember, just gotta practice it all now, look forward to watching more of your vids on here.

  • Emily Eisman:

    God bless. Thank you Kevin you saved my life. No that’s not an exaggeration.

  • Ng Jiale:

    why does the website say that the school is closed?

  • mlg4035:

    The BEST advice on barre chords on YouTube, THANK YOU Kevin! 

  • Tim Buttrum:

    Great video. I have problems with the G string when barring. For some reason, I can get the note on that string to sound correctly. I’ll keep practicing

  • jpuntuned:

    I’ve never been told to practice on frets 5 to 9, making practice ridiculously easier.

  • Kelley Harris:

    You saved the day! I was about to throw this guitar out the window =) Thanks!

  • Khoi Le:

    Thanks…ur tips really helped. Esp the gravity part

  • tedphilo:

    Great Kev, wicked man!

  • MuSicGenZys:

    you forgot practice

  • Ahsan Nadeem Sheikh:

    So basically the index finger in barre chords functions as a sort of Capo??
    I have problems with the first fret. It is just so hard to have the strings pressed down enough. Even in open chords. As it goes up the fret board, it becomes easier and requires a lot less effort to have the strings pressed enough to be able to ring. When I use capo on anotehr fret the same chords are easier to play and require less effort and pressure.

  • Alex Ashman:

    Don’t give up! Ever!!

  • Kevin Johnson:

    That depends on the string tension, which is influenced by the string gauge (medium, light, xtra light) and the string action (how high they float above the frets). You can practice the technique on a mid-neck fret, say between 5 and 9, where the string resistance is lowest. Then work your way down toward the first fret gradually. If it’s still difficult to press, then you might want to make sure your neck is properly set-up, and the string action is low.

  • Kevin Johnson:

    That sounds like you are changing your hand position when you add the other fingers. I suggest placing your “other” fingers first, and add the bar last.

  • john evers:

    Good work.

  • DerpMachine1:

    great lesson! but whenever i do a barre all my strings play except for B.

  • singtilldawnify:

    Do I have to press hard even though I have good technique? Thx!

  • Kunal Verma:

    I can see you john cena!!! :D

  • h2dude69:

    Great lesson!


  • danielboozdb:

    That was a big help thanks

  • soilfit:

    Good job Kevin this was a great lesson ;)

  • xochickiexo:

    so awesome, iv wanted to play guitar since i was 5!

  • Mickayla Reis:

    This is a great tutorial, you’re a really good teacher. I only have trouble with trying to only strum 1 string at a time whilst concentrating on my fingers =

  • Bailey Sain:

    So helpful!! now i just need to buy a guitar.. lol :(

  • JustMarissaBlogs:

    This is so helpful! Thank you! I started guitar lessons last week and my guitar teacher didn’t teach me like this, even though I told him I had just gotten a guitar and I don’t know anything about it. :/

  • jennyd351:

    Omg your an angel helped ALOT

  • Shayna A:

    Thank you SO much. This helped a ton, and I recently got my first guitar, also an electric acoustic. I sing, and I’m very excited to learn, so eventually, I can incorporate it into my singing. Once again, thanks so much! -Shayna

  • Ehsan Zumrut:

    thank you, you are great !

  • isabel brooke:

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  • Frozkill:

    fingers… soon…start bleeding… damned…..iron strings….

  • thomas Thorpe:

    does it matter how i hold the plectrum

  • Alyssa Brown:

    I have the same issue, just keep working at it and we’ll both get it :3 BUILD THOSE FINGA MUSCLES~

  • AaronIsNeato:


  • Green Beret:

    Then play a harp lol

  • rpppav:

    Eventually they will, i have a short hand span too, but i’ve found over time with constant practice the muscles in your hand tend to loosen up and you are able to stretch them far further than you thoguth you could.

  • rpppav:

    i know the feeling, i’m trying to learn myself and having a short span it’s hard to get my little finger to cooperate on some chords, just keep practicing, eventually over the muscles in your hand will loosen up and it will become easier to hit them chords.

  • oregonart1:

    It is such a great video. You say you hope I learned something? Indeed!! For the first time in a week I feel like there really is hope. Not that I was ever going to give in and give up, No matter how sore my finger tips get. Just more patience of self required. ButI felt progression after just15 mins. with your vid and 30 with my own strings and 4fingers. Thank you!

  • Marco Desousa:

    check out my channel
    I make lessons on chords, songs, technique, and much more
    like and subscribe

  • Timothy Clark:

    also, i’m totally blind, i don’t look at frets. i can’t. lol.

  • Timothy Clark:

    eddie ate dinamight good by eddie.

     freekin awesome. lol.

  • Ana Jo:

    wow..very informative n simple to follow!

  • 412chuckp:

    I’m getting my 1st guitar today and I can’t wait to get new strings and start learning off you a lot of ppl seem to say you a big help so I’m gonna learn as much as I can from you and the ed edd and eddie line had me cracking up thanks again and I can’t wait to learn more from you

  • MetalheadAt15:

    OMG thank you so much!!! I’m determined to teach myself, so this is a great help!!!

  • Harpreet Rattu:


  • truerocknroll stillthesame:

    i accually know alot about how to play guitars but i learned more and in a few days i got better