Basic guitar chords – 3 simple steps ( C and G major)

Learn how to play the C and G major chords in 3 simple steps. These are 2 very commonly used chords. For more help on guitar chords visit http://guitarpronto…

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8 Responses to “Basic guitar chords – 3 simple steps ( C and G major)”

  • Gaberine:

    These are so helpful! Thankyou!

  • Adam Bagnall:

    easy to follow, nice clear voice just what I’m looking for. Nice work :)

  • warriorslo:

    Planting your pinky finger on the 3rd fret of E, on a C chord brings more rhythem and a deeper sounding C. I do it all the time.

  • MisfitsfanxX:

    G Major is used in Paradise City intro :) )

  • BateekhNa3Na3:

    thanks mate :D

  • rulzrules1:

    best instructions in te world thnx man i helped me alot >:D

  • maskeop:

    Your lessons are the best! its very simple and easy to learn, thank you

  • Joseph Starks:

    I don’t know how long you have been on youtube providing these guitar lessons, but in my opinon you are the best I have found.  I am a beginer and have been seaching for a very good instructor with results until I found this site. I take lessions and have been for awhile, but you surpass him in your instruction. You are brief, concise, to the point and very understandable. If there is anyone that needs such, believe me check this man out. I am sure you will agree he is the best.. Thanks