Be Intehaan, Jee Le Zara, Ishq Shava and more!! Guitar Chords Lesson

Guitar Chords Lesson by Pawan for 6 Bollywood Chart-Toppers including Jee Le Zara (Talaash), Saanson Ne (Dabangg 2), Hookah Bar (Khiladi 786), Rani Tu Main R…
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25 Responses to “Be Intehaan, Jee Le Zara, Ishq Shava and more!! Guitar Chords Lesson”

  • Himanshu Nathani:

    Thanks a lot sir… I vl surely try my best.

  • Pawan Jalan:

    thats a tough question himanshu! there are 2 things you should do – try playing in a band, make a start somewhere and u will learn a lot when playing with other musicians and opportunities will come your way … also you need to master stuff that u want to specialize in, try web sites like torrins . com to improve your technique – good luck and god bless!

  • Himanshu Nathani:

    Hello, I m 21, and I want to make career as Guitarist… and I can play many songs with Guitar.
    Please tell me sir, what should I do?

  • Pawan Jalan:

    hi himanshu!

  • Himanshu Nathani:

    hello sir, how r u?

  • Pawan Jalan:

    thanks sooraj!

  • Sooraj Shankar:

    nice one sir ,really i likd it !!

  • Pawan Jalan:

    great song pranab! i did a full lesson for this on torrins . com, not sure if i will do another one on this channel …


    Hello Sir. How are you sir? Will you please upload the chord lesson for the song “Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye” from the Movie “JURM”

  • Pawan Jalan:

    god bless bhaskar! try chura liya, should be easy …

  • c.n Bhaskar:

    sir iam die heart fan of u…i got inspiration to learn guitar after seeing ur videos…sir can u suggest some easy hindi songs for beginers??????

  • Pawan Jalan:

    thanks souvik da!

  • souvik chakraborty:

    nice sir….

  • Pawan Jalan:

    hi ajay :) sorry i live in toronto, and only teach through my youtube channel, god bless :)

  • Ajay Yadav:

    Hi Sir, I am staying in mumbai. can I have your contact number. I want to learn guitar from you. I had learnt guitar for 2 years, but 10 years before. I am really interested.

  • Pawan Jalan:

    thanks for your love ravi :) and say a big HELLO to your friends, god bless u all …. btw, where r u guys located and when u say colleagues, r u all studying together perhaps?

  • Pawan Jalan:

    hi raj, i use a takamine eg341sc

  • Ravi Yadav:

    Hey Sir! I am little famous these days on FB…all credit goes to you…….I am thankful to you from bottom of my heart..
    You are real mentor, I always wanted to see teaching in this fashion…..Sir you simply rock…..You have thousands of followers and counting…I would like to rate myself as biggest fan of yours, all my colleague do know about you even they didnt saw to playing here. A big thank you

  • Raj Poddar:

    sir wat is the model no. of ur guitar and band too???????????

  • Pawan Jalan:

    hi prateek! i cannot explain better in writing than the video lesson itself … try simpler songs first, u will get it gradually, god bless :)

  • prateek roy:

    sir pls tell how does the strumming pattern for be intehaan goes i’m not able to pick it up

  • Pawan Jalan:

    hi tanay, i am working on that lesson …

  • tanay shende:

    sir pls upload the chords for tum hi ho

  • Pawan Jalan:

    it’s similar to challa, check my lesson on that …

  • Pawan Jalan: