Beginner Guitar – Basic Major/Minor Chords

Lesson on how to play the most basic major and minor chords.
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49 Responses to “Beginner Guitar – Basic Major/Minor Chords”

  • Marco Desousa:

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  • benjaminzambrano73:

    Please do more

  • PhoenixDwn75:

    It seems like the only way to get a note to come out is with a death grip of steel!

  • PhoenixDwn75:

    My fingers are to tense and I always f*uck up a note with a buzzy sound and I always end up muting my 1st string with a finger. This is insanely frusterating. I dont know how people play the guitar without their fingers exploding…

  • metapsallo:

    C E C… That first one,can be a Minor as well! Minor is rooted,in Asia Minor or Greek!

  • metapsallo:

    And they do get “pissed off”,if you learn slowly.Finger wise?Now think of popular music,or them robots!They play exactly as teachers tell them…Also how singing shows,make them sing,how they want to!

  • metapsallo:

    Ah you learn more,by first,using sound alone without someone “telling you what to play!”Hence,you’ll just turn around and do what you want anyway.Therefore,losing money while someone overrulls you.

  • joeylantis22:

    hahha you’re so funny :)

  • Erin Archbold:


  • zece cactushi:

    LOVE it!!!! great job x x

  • Molly Houle:

    Just watched this! Awesome! I’m a beginner guitarist and I’m teaching myself… made it alot easier!

  • Marco Desousa:

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  • Natasha Dass:

    thankyou!!! this was great!! :) 

  • dlajfn3:

    Thank you! Your lesson was great!

  • sanzaissm:

    thank you thank you thank you !its awesome and very helpful!

  • Chi Chi Santiago:

    love it.. gomapseumnida!!! thank you!! xie xie!! Salamat!!!

  • Marco Desousa:

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  • my1bluestang:

    Thanks for the post. It’s very helpful!

  • DanielSayre:

    Welcome to this video, I’ll be your guide.
    0:46 – A major
    2:24 – E major
    4:08 – C major
    5:08 – G major
    6:02 – Am
    7:11 – Em

  • josh SH:

    Thanks, this made life a hell of a lot easier

  • soundsensing:


  • GrundleSmugglar:

    u sound like eric foreman form that 70s show. which is awesome! and it was super helpful thanks!!!

  • Marco Desousa:

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  • Marco Desousa:

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  • Jess Wranek:

    Great video, been meaning to pick my guitar up for ages and this really helped, more basic songs please! :)

  • mcsplst:

    Marty I can’t thank you enough I can actually can keep a rhythm for the first time your slowly is what I wasn’t doing I had the attitude if I can’t get it in 15 minutes total time somethings wrong move on to next one this lesson was just right nice and smooth and “you can do it, I was waiting for you to say yeah you know who I am talking to even you”

  • mcsplst:

    I am right with u been playing forever but never could keep rhythm Marty explains and then goes over it and then gives close ups sure wish I had run into him when he first started doing his video training I’d be Light-years ahead of where I am now

  • MrIrondevilish:

    desire by U2 sounds easy when you play marty

  • Vanessa Mitchell:

    i can do that!

  • Ethan Dambruck:

    I can do it yipeeeeeee!!!!!

  • Keith Richards:

    Marty! Soon I’ll will be playing like you, get a cool hat and grow a goatee. I’m the real Marty Schwartz.

  • Dudelikey0:


  • roakey182:

    Marty mate . You are a legend.. been doing loads of your lessons.. This one is kinda simple, But yeah. You have improved me more in the last 3 weeks than I have improved myself in 20 years with various one on one teachers.

    Your style of teaching is so simple. But at the same time the best on the net

  • YTSlide:

    Shake the guitar for a cool maraca effect.

  • Beasbomb21:

    My mom watched this Vid and said it was good but my songs are better…haha i’m Jk awesome playing!

  • Turq Donna:

    you are an wonderful teacher, by far the best I have seen so far!!! Thank You

  • Jason Prista:

    wow greata.

  • MrKajcrusader:

    Greed day

  • Alex Lopez:

    nice stuff man.Really good teacher.

  • Andrew James Couzens:

    you are an excellent teacher.

  • josh fisher:

    green day

  • ironweel:

    go to GET-GUITAR-CHORDS. COM to learn all the chords you need to know for free

  • corpseater666:

    Maynard’s Dick!! Lmao!!

  • baffour49:

    love it

  • baffour49:

    how do i get my bees?

  • danny100ization:

    thankyou,good teacher..

  • PsycMushLSa:


  • RyGuy106495:

    Greed Day?

  • Phil L:

    First one sounds more like Oasis’ Wonderwall (same chords as in “Blvd of broken dreams” but different strokes)