Beginner guitar rock power chord rhythms AC DC classic style

www.nextlevelguitar.comClick link to get 5 free Guitar Lesson videos NOT available on YouTube plus a BONUS CHORD and exercises Ebook, all for free from In this lesson we teach you some easy and fun rock rhythms that you can be playing and having fun fast! These are in that classic rock style of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. ENJOY! Many more full on video lessons at the full on instructional website at:
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24 Responses to “Beginner guitar rock power chord rhythms AC DC classic style”

  • alan exala:

    hey marty u look good out ther..tnx 4 the lessons

  • InvisiblE182:

    5:16 and thats why people love rock n roll it just makes you smile

  • toysoldier88:

    I can’t tell how happy I am that I found you online and I have purchased a DVD to learn guitar! You taught me how to play my first cords and now cool power cord tips! Acoustic or electric… You rock Marty!!

  • Abracahandra:

    42 people can’t play AC/DC style for shit

  • Vindicted Vain:

    Thank you Dude your tutorials are easy and reliable! ~!

  • Zael020:

    You’ve just introduced me to a world of power chords. Although i have both electric and acoustic guitar, first 6 months of playing I’ve used only acoustic, so the electric guitar is still a mistery for me. I’ve just played my first riff, and God I’m proud. Thank you very much, all of your lessons are trully amazing.

    As I already said – I’ve been playing for only half a year, but following you since the begining. Stay cool and regards from Croatia.

  • mpm111144:

    This lick is known as the two finger cooz snatcher. The honeys drool when you crank these sounds out. :)

  • theycallmescrappable:

    You kick so much ass Marty… thank you so much for everything

  • wanker watson:


  • Florin-Gabriel Grigore:

    nice one Marty :)

  • yaelush2011:

    omg this is so awsome! this really helped me thanks so much!

  • alfred016al:

    Marty you rock men!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bartbrn:

    Marty, YOU are electric for putting all these great vids up here (863 as of today!) and spreading the word, instead of trying to pick everybody’s pocket. Just great stuff, taught simply so even a thickskull – like me! — can understand it.

    Thanks, man. The best

  • RazgrizBelka:

    39 people can kiss Lady Gaga,Nikki Minaj and Justin Bieber ASS !!!!!

  • Enice5000:

    Man this had me jamming like gyeaaaahh thks Marty awesome !! U still the best at guitar teaching and thk u grateful that it’s free dud I stopped paying for lesson after I see yah teachings bless up star!!!

  • delarosajavier815:

    Pretty helpful! !

  • rockguitar14A:


  • jonathanreilly1000:

    Marty isnt like a boss. He IS a boss

  • Sniper Rifle:

    dude!!! how can you possible dislike this!!??? this is awesome :) :D

  • solomyngrundy1968:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Marty really has it all together when it comes to teaching. His personality, ability and empathy all contribute to being a great instructor. This coupled with a seemingly endless knowledge of rock/blues/folk music really is great for someone (like me) trying to learn to play guitar!

  • chefmarkable:

    I just love my Fulltone OCD pedal! What a difference in the tone to my Fender Princeton Reverb Amp!
    Thanks Marty for the heads up, along with Ibanez TS9 30th anniversary Tube Screamer, the Boss Chorus and RC-3 Looper, Dunlop Cry Baby, I have as much fun as you can have with your clothes on! Really appreciate when you Demo the guitar/amp/effects equipment you use in your videos. Thanks again, my playing has improved at nearly “Warp” speed!

  • saatana4:

    0:26 thought I paused my video accidentally =)

  • joshua pfuntner:

    my amp has distortion but this sound

  • thesurmisedchannel:

    Nice video! Best of luck! Check out our band’s new music video as well