Blues/funk Guitar Lesson with Kirk Fletcher — Comping Chords

The great blues/funk/R&B guitarist Kirk Fletcher teaching at Musicians Institute. Here, he offers up an inspiring lesson on comping chords in 12-bar blues se…
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25 Responses to “Blues/funk Guitar Lesson with Kirk Fletcher — Comping Chords”

  • dkapone:

    As he was playing I could not help but wonder that as good as it sounds how
    it would sound coming from a semi-hollow Gibson styled guitar al-la Willie
    Hutch or Johnny Guitar Watson. Great style and execution. Peace.

  • musomannz:

    Awesome stuff. Liking it a lot. Just heard about Kirk Fletcher today and
    I’m hooked. He’s cool!

  • thelordsfieldhand:

    Yeah man. Tight.

  • ciclosonico:


  • josephiful1:

    Turnaround (Bb7) xx6536 | xx6546 | xx6556 | xx6766x |
    Dominant (f7) x8786x

    (lead up ) Bb13 (x11,12,12,11,x), Bbf Gosepl lick (xx6766) hammer on 7 to
    (xx6888), x2

    BbAug, Eb7,
    (lead up) Bb13, D-7, Db-7, C-7, C-9, F7b9 (13,x,13,11,10,x)

    Turnaround Bb13, G7#5#9, C-7, F7#5#9,

    Bb-7 (xx11,13,11,13), C7 (xx10,12,11,12), Bb-7 (xx11,13,11,13)
    Bb13 (x11,12,12,11,x), E9, Eb9 (x10,11,10,11,x)

    Lick = B-14-13-11- xx888xx B-6-8-4-3-2-1- G-15-14-12- G-7-8-5-3-2-1-

    D-7,Db-7,C-7,C-9(pull off 9), F7b9 (13,x,13,11,10,x)

    Turnaround Bb13, G7#5#9, C-7, F7#5#9,

    (Chord 1) xx6546 , xx6536 , x2 Bb Gospel lick, Bbaug
    Eb7add9 (xx11,12,11,14)

    Lick = open Dm shape > (xxx14,15,13) (xxx13,14,12) (xxx11,12,10)

    E9, A13 (lead up) Bb13, F-9, Bb13

    D-7, Db-7, C-7, C-9, F7#5#9,

    Turnaround (end) > Bb7, F7#9, Db-7, c-7
    E9, F9, B7, Bb7.

    *Obviously there are no Rhythms, just chords and some of their fingerings,
    (XXXXXX) means strings (EADGBE) , Hope this helps when trying to figure it
    out Jx

  • Sandro Gherardi:


  • J Russell Lazlo:

    A real pro at work.

  • zenith2070:

    What size pick do you use

  • Robert Brockie:

    You are awesome!

  • Drew B:

    You solo with chords! Nice video.

  • Jakub Mužík:

    Thank you, very motivating for me.

  • miamipacheco:

    Whoa he plays awesome

  • Simon Tittley:

    Some wonderful blues comping there Kirk delivered with life affirming
    aplomb :-D 

  • Bill Bucky Brown LeBlanc:

    Kirk Fletcher is tasteful & funky-
    Love his style

  • Gordon Lewis:

    I can tell by the way he wraps his thumb around the neck that he must have
    huge hands. What works for him won’t work the same way for us mere mortals.
    That’s okay though. It ain’t about copying a master, it’s about being

  • Mark Costantini:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! You, my good man, can play!

  • S10lifted95:

    I’m gonna be stuck in the pentatonic and bar chord realm forever. This kind
    of playing is so awesome but I’m not coordinated enough for it.

  • gimmeagig:

    Damn dude, you can play!!!!

  • zero15388:


  • Mrlz56:

    Real nice

  • David Davidson:

    I didn’t pay attention to the lesson, I just enjoyed some awesome jamming

  • Gary Eckstein:

    He really is great! Any long version of his lessons available?

  • raytheprinter:

    That was fun!This is the coolest playing ive seen in a while!

  • Michael Lamothe:

    Great groove and feel!!!!

  • JoeiGuitar11:

    Deaf. Utterly totally bloody deaf!!