Bob Seger – Still The Same Guitar Lesson (Intro, Guitar Chords, Strumming Pattern, and More)

This is Bob Seger Still The Same Guitar Lesson The EZ way and the Correct way. This guitar lesson covers the guitar chords and strumming pattern of still the…

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35 Responses to “Bob Seger – Still The Same Guitar Lesson (Intro, Guitar Chords, Strumming Pattern, and More)”

  • Stephen Penney:

    Good video dude , you broke it down good.

  • georgiareb55:

    good lesson im already jaming,eeeeeeeeeeasy!

  • juicysuit:

    Sounds to me like that home riff is repeated for the outro chorus, but the
    chorus that happens in the middle of the song is actually this:
    C E A / Dm / G /

  • Twiztid Rich:

    Thank You for the lesson. Very good instruction. One question though. What
    about the part of the song that goes “Your still the same, I caught up with
    you yesterday. Movin Game to game. No one standing in you way. Turning on
    the charm. Long enough to get you by. Your still the same. You still ain’t

  • Christopher Chambers:

    Very nice lesson. Good job explaining the chord progression and strumming
    pattern. I wish all lessons on YouTube were this good. Thank you. Great
    Song, too!

  • LeVol0ntaire:



    For which part? And which part sounds bad to you when you play it? Just not
    sure which part you’re talking about. Thanks

  • Bob Herrmann:

    Great song and nice, easy lesson. Bob Seger’s been one of my favorites
    since I was a kid. Any plans to do a lesson on “Main Street”?

  • C.J. Lineham:

    Thanks for the lesson. I could play some of this great song, but couldn’t
    figure out what the walk down was. Now I know. Thanks!

  • Billy Griffey:

    are you playing the A minor on the 2nd frat? I play it on the 1st fret and
    when i try to make to up and the way you are. It sounds way off but sounds
    good when your playing it. Were are you placing your fingers on the second

  • Archana's Kitchen:

    Nice lesson. My son is learning guitar, just started. This is something I
    was looking for. Slow paced and perfect for him to understand. Simple
    chords and strumming pattern to start with

  • Shiv Sharma:

    hi its nice lesson .. i m beginner n having problem in pressing the chords
    of acoustic guitar .. its painful .. plz help .. or give suggestion 

  • shibu tv:

    superb… :)
    we like this…

  • Umesh Yarrows:

    You are too good… one of the music tycoon.

  • Deepak Pant:

    Simply superb

  • Moien Abrar:

    Sir can we have telephonic communication plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Lisha Jacob:

    wow.. u are so good sir!!

  • ashwin PHO:



    Ultimate. Awesome. Great.

  • anil bhagravat:

    s very beautiful way of demonstrating the rythem pattern. thanks

  • tsedup dorjee:

    thanks for your wonderful lesson . you are the best……..

  • preetam kumar:

    sir u r giving nice lesson….and to the point…..i m practicing daily
    watchi9ng your lessons… thank u so much for giving your valueable

  • steve ngutah:

    can i get a link to all your tutorials. this cuul

  • Pawan Jalan:

    thanks gaurav!

  • karan gurbani:

    hey , gr8 cover body , with awsum recording , viewed it many times , i
    found dis 1 better as i m a beginner , i wanna noe dat which software u
    used to mix different videos at d same time … ?

  • Pawan Jalan:

    thanks vinit!

  • Pawan Jalan:

    good explanation, thanks!

  • Pawan Jalan:

    thanks for your feedback and suggestions anjaneya, god bless :)

  • Aaditya Kalia:

    ya sir i checked out its osm will start it from today !! :) thank you veery
    much sir!!

  • ritesh mallik:

    Very well explained,…i was having some tough moments,.:) but thats the
    phase evbody go thrgh,…Plzz do a vidoe on Bhavre ki Gunjan,..

  • Pawan Jalan:

    i believe you can get givson guitars in india for that range …

  • Pawan Jalan:

    hi raunak, u shud consider taking beginner lessons, try torrins. com, they
    have excellent lessons …

  • Sanjay Bhatt:


  • Pawan Jalan:

    thanks amiya!

  • Pawan Jalan:

    thanks for your feedback sadik!