Buko – jireh lim (guitar chords)

Sensya na po kung sablay… Beginer pa lang po ko sa pag-gigitara. ^_^ CHORDS! :) Verse: A – C#m – Bm – E Refrain: Bm – C#m 2x – Dm Chorus: A – C#m – Bm – E …
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42 Responses to “Buko – jireh lim (guitar chords)”

  • Dave Orias:

    sir opinyon ko lang or you can take this as advice also, practice pa ng bar chords(ung pag finaflat mo ung pangpoint mo), ganun kasi ung advice sakin. 1 year mahigit plng ako naggigitara, like you beginner plng ako,para mas mabilis ka matuto maggitara do the bar chords, every chords naman merong corresponding bar chords e. muscle memory pa at konting kalyo sa daliri, hehe, yun lang po, btw nice cover para sa newbie sa pagiging musikero :)

  • Glenn Roxas:

    hehe ok po.. nxt tym try ko.. well tnx anyway :)

  • Glenn Roxas:

    hehe oo eh.. mahina kasi yung sagap ng recorder

  • Glenn Roxas:

    yung chords po ay nasa description ^_^

  • Glenn Roxas:


  • kaloy01lozada:

    E at Amajor baun??

  • Gina Manongsong:

    nu po chord…
    pd paki reply nmn po oh..
    need lang..

  • ian gilber:


  • christine abisar:

    Wag mo bilisan ng pag kas.kas. kasi dun ka nawawala sa tono ..
    pero.. ok nmn ehehe …
    Pero Nice Cover .. :) i Like it ^_^

  • Glenn Roxas:

    Tnx po sa naka-appreciate ^_^

  • dyna delrosario:


  • khier ruel japzon:


  • joshua galang:

    aww anu bayan!!!

  • Bryan Pablo:

    panu b pag ndi q kaya ung mga chords ng kamay q ndi q abot e xD F# 4x – C#m – D#m

  • Ljude Garingalo:


  • Jhacko Abad:

    DUUDUUD ba yung Strumming .. ?

  • madafa chenelyn:

    ok lang yan pre biginer ka pa naman ehh ok lang yan

  • tom cunanan:

    pno ung stramming??

  • Lirio Delaroso:

    d ko mkuha ung strumming .. haist ..

  • cleo carlo Ramos:

    k lng kh8 d gnu sbay atleast snay ako nga dpa eh ngaun png mag aaral

  • cleo carlo Ramos:

    chords penge pls

  • kcin arevalo:

    up down up down up down lang po ang strumming nyan

  • camille kidman:

    paano po yung strumming?plz reply…asap!
    thanks a lot.=)

  • Noynoy Oclares:

    panu strumming nito????

  • keibee2792:


  • frankcarpnc:

    Suggested videos for a beginner that took 4 or 5 lessons 20 years ago?

  • fretjam.com:

    Sorry, this lesson is not for beginners. Bookmark it and come back to it when you’ve learned a few scales and basic chord construction, because those are the two elements it brings together.

  • Deus meu rey Jesus:

    i am a beginner and i have no idea what all these numbers and letters are!! a little frustrated!

  • fretjam.com:

    I know this is a pretty broad answer, but you can apply this technique however you wish, to any style of music. I think a lot of it will be down to the scale you use. For example, the major scale would be more typical of pop music, whereas the phrygian dominant scale might lend more to “alternative” styles.

    You can use powerchords in this way. Since they only contain the root and 5th, they’re pretty neutral so all the colour will come from the scale you choose.

  • baldeaguirre:

    very useful lesson; is it really important applied this knowledge to create alternative music or it is not really necessary?.. and what about power chords; does it works the same way?.. I mean is it the same concept by mixing power chords and scales?… hope an answer please, regards!

  • Igotbadjoints:

    Exellent lesson Just what I`ve been looking for. First time I`ve seen the relationship between chords and scales in this way…Thankyou.
    PS I subscibed…..

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  • fretjam.com:

    You’re welcome. Glad it helped you. The theory stuff is definitely beneficial to learn. I personally spend too much time on the theory and neglect the physical side of guitar! Getting the right balance of theory and application is the key. Goes without saying really.

  • Lampenorrbyn:

    You are great at teaching, and this is a perfekt format for learning theory. I have looked through all your videos and they are very good.

  • Esteban Gutierrez:

    Man! excellent lesson keep it goin’

  • fretjam.com:

    Cheers. Yeh, now you mention it…! That song does have some beautiful chord sections.

  • Ryan Kirk:

    I’m a guitar teacher, and I loved that lesson. Great job mate.P.S. I heard Diary of a madman at the end, can you hear it people? haha nice job.

  • Richard Garcia:

    Thank You for this awesome lesson! This will definitely help me get out of my rut, and help expand my playing!

  • graham kaveman:

    Dude that is a serious Am major run .. You have taught thise so well and it it is the building block of all great artists ..who take scales and create melody rather than hemming together scales ..

    I now have to watch all your vids .


  • Tom Clark:


  • KreeptOut:

    Many thanks for posting this video. Helps a bunch.

  • downhill240:

    Thanks for sharing!