Chasing Cars | Snow Patrol | Play 10 guitar songs with 3 EASY chords

Click here for the chord sheet to this lesson- plus other help and tips! Learn to play T…
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20 Responses to “Chasing Cars | Snow Patrol | Play 10 guitar songs with 3 EASY chords”

  • Andy Crowley:

    Song too difficult? This song is at Level 2 of my FREE beginners course
    available here @

    Try an earlier level to find songs you’ll be able to play easily and
    improve naturally!!

  • griffin zuk:

    you should fix your audio you keep fading in and out its hard to fallow
    along with you

  • cheddarcheeseiscool1:

    Thanks Andy, very helpful tutorial. I’m just starting out on the guitar
    after having played the cello for 15 years and your videos are the most
    helpful I’ve found so far.

  • Maevgoss:

    I don’t get you, one A on your chord sheet is how many strums?

  • mel ody:

    aweesooomeeee am going to sooo show off to my friends!!! thinking of an
    acoustic night!!!

  • Kieranovicci Roberts:

    So is the Chord Sequence A E D A E D A? What chord does the acoustic finish

  • yesthisismyrah:

    can you maybe do zombie from the cranberries? would be great! :)

  • Axel Pompee:

    Make tutorials for electric guitars with distortion for dumbass beginners,
    I want to learn heavy metal

  • Andy Crowley:

    Thanks for the kind words Tori. More to come! :)

  • Trab:

    Andy, I just wanted to thank you for posting these awesome videos! You’re
    awesome, and are very inspiring, as I’m trying to learn how to play from
    scratch. :) ) All the best, and please keep making these videos! :D – Tori

  • Andy Crowley:

    I know, dodgy mic cable, think I’ve sorted it now- apologies!

  • Andy Crowley:

    Great to see you playing! I’m backed up with requests at the moment, but
    I’ll get round to it next month!

  • Andy Crowley:

    Done it already. Its on the website under the 4 chord videos. Beginners
    course > part 6 > video 6!

  • ShakeNBakeBaby:

    Got something going on with your audio levels around the 2min mark! Loving
    the videos!! :) Getting better each week!

  • Andy Crowley:

    Its on this list, classic song!

  • Junaid Bakshi:

    Hey andy love to see u play. Youre amazin. Can you do a video for summer of
    69 lessons the easiest way m just a beginner n all the available lessons
    are a bit harder for beginners n ure good at teaching beginners. Hoping to
    see a vid soon. :-)

  • Ceza Suwandi:

    thanks brother, just started playing, you’re the best teacher I could wish
    for! Having a bit of a hard time but I’m sure I’ll get better soon

  • Ida Mokrovic:

    can you do set the fire to the third bar or the deepest ocean by snow
    patrol/gary lightbody?

  • Elizabeth Gomez:

    your tutorials are very helpful… i began playing last week and i already
    know 3 songs. i was wondering if you could do a tutorial for “sweater
    weather” by the neighbourhood or “what youre thinking” by passenger… i
    really want to learn how to play those songs and the way you teach is very
    easy to learn. thanks (: