Easy Way To Play Advanced Guitar Chords – Triad Over Bass Note – Part 1 of 3 – Guitar Breakdown

http://www.guitarBreakdown.com Easy Way To Play Advanced Guitar Chords – Triad Over Bass Note – Part 1 of 3 – Guitar Lesson Don Mock – A Ballad Of Triangles …
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37 Responses to “Easy Way To Play Advanced Guitar Chords – Triad Over Bass Note – Part 1 of 3 – Guitar Breakdown”

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    Thanks DaVinci … appreciate your comment! And GIT instructors are legend! GIT is still a great learning environment … but there was definitely a “heyday” and Don Mock was a big part of it!

  • DaVinci Celone:

    Great lesson, David!!! Don Mock knows his stuff, as all of the GIT instructors do. Good explanation and examples.

  • Geoff Stockton:

    Ahmend, you just need to go and study some music theory. The numbering of chords, chord tones and scale tones is very basic stuff and easy to learn. You won’t regret spending the time, learning it.

  • fernandaopk:

    Cool, Scribd is a website with tons of pdf files. Nice lessons man!

  • ThePsychoReggae:

    I did like the lesson, and I’m a bit of a yapper too, but maybe have a time structure layout for your lessons. Might help you to plan and teach more efficiently.

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    Hey Ahmed … sorry for the confusion. We will be doing some more lessons on this kind of stuff in the near future and we will be going from basics to advanced and everything in between. Hope you stick around for that. As for the 5ths and 9ths – just think of it like this – a scale is (usually) made from 8 notes (C,D, E, F, G, A, B, C). If you gave those notes numbers you’d have (C=1, D=2, E=3 and so on). So G would be your 5th and D would be your 2nd or 9th. Hope that helps.

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    good find … I’m not sure what SCRIBD is. I remember months ago I saw the complete book for sale on ebay. I think it was from one of the founders of Musicians Institute. It’s worth while to buy the whole book … it’s pretty amazing and has tons of great stuff in it.

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    Thanks for the comment. Sorry about the yapping … I do that a lot. Hope you enjoyed the lesson after the intro. Thanks for watching … it is much appreciated.

  • Ahmed Tamimi:

    Hi David, I was following on very well until the flats and 11th things started to come. Can I find any tutorials that can start from zero? I do know all the notes on the fred. But I don’t know what are the numbers you add such as 5th 9th.

  • ThePsychoReggae:

    Good lesson, and you seem nice, but the first five minutes were redundant.

  • fernandaopk:

    Man! I’ve just found the Don Mock’s document of your lesson!
    Search for “10-don-mock-slashchords” in SCRIBD, it’s there!

  • TheMst882:

    Just skip to 5:18

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    Nope … no restrictions. Basically just pick a triad and throw any bass note over it and analyze it with the bass note being it’s root. You will find some cool new chords this way. Thanks again for watching!

  • cliffworks4321:

    Hi David - I see, you don’t restrict the bass notes to only the diatonic tones, interesting.
    thank you

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    Hey cliff – to simplify it for yourself just take any triad (say a C maj triad [C, E, G]). Then start with a “C” as the bass note. Next play the same triad (C maj triad [C, E, G]) and play C sharp (or D flat [same thing different name]) as the bass note. Then play the same triad (C maj [C, E, G]) and play D as the bass note. Continue working the bass note up chromatically. Each time analyzing the chord from the new bass note (the bass note becomes the root of each chord). Hope that helps.

  • cliffworks4321:

    Hi David, Can you explain this exercise so even I can understand it – do you play a triad over each diatonic scale tone in the bass so in key of C you’d play a C triad over C in the bass followed by each succeeding scale tone D,E,F,G, A, B in the bass? thanks cliff in tokyo

  • angel1977uk3:

    Brilliant lesson a bit over my head at the moment but I have bookmarked and subscribed, I will keep going over it till I get it.
    Thank you again

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    Thank you for the sub and the high approval !

  • nsgcommando:

    just stumbled on your channel………
    you guys have best guitar lessons on youtube…..
    subbed :)

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    Mr Don Mock Sir!!! Thank you for the kind words. I actually remember one of my teachers from AIM (Shane Theriot) … who first introduced me to Ballad of Triangles telling me about the C/A omission. It’s a shame you left that out, because I think it would have been a much better tune. Just kidding. :) I just saw your Howard Roberts project video upload … that looks like it’s going to be amazing! Thank you so much for watching our video and commenting … it means a lot! -David

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    Thank you for the sub … glad you liked the lesson!

  • ThunderboatsVideo:

    Nice job David. After seeing you, I had to grab my guitar and see if I could still play this piece. In the Ten Book, I wrote that the piece used all 12 triad over bass note chords. But I screwed up. I forgot to use the min7 version (C/A). Only a few players ever asked me about it. Thanks for playing it. -Don Mock

  • Brian Dennis:

    Just subscribed; thanks for the lessons!

  • Guitar Breakdown:

    I appreciated! :) … Seriously thought, Thank you!

  • daydreams4rock:

    i subbed

  • AgeNtd0uBlek:

    he is the best teacher ever. seriously

  • iaMgRace02:

    i watch this video up to last… ^_^ great
    thanks… noted it all…start practicing today :”>

  • Tom Lograsso:

    You copied the smosh logo

  • cathlouise1011:

    this was really helpful ! :D i don’t need to attend guitar lessons .. two thumbs up ! :) )

  • sinisaprsa:

    how did you know I got a guitar for xmas?

  • Cameron Angel:

    thumbs up if your wathcing this on christmas because you got a guitar for christmas!

  • mariopianofreak:

    no i just wanted to troll, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

  • Musicgurlzclub:

    Lol, you guys came here for piano lessons? Read the title dude/dudeth. It says guitar. :)

  • Stormchaserda18th:

    1:07 - 1:18 Sounds nice I wanna learn that one

  • mariopianofreak:

    @mxpx1000 well i think video is better than text to learn

  • mariopianofreak:

    @mxpx1000 well i want :D

  • mariopianofreak:

    We want piano lessons