Guitar Chord Progressions (1 of 6) – Making the Connection (Transcription below) Guitar Chord Progressions (#1) – Engage your listeners Hello and welcome. So this series of short video…

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50 Responses to “Guitar Chord Progressions (1 of 6) – Making the Connection”

  • Paul Russell:

    Since Thorever. ;)

  • michael pearmain:

    is just me that thinks he makes playing guitar sound sexy

  • LukeInABlog:

    Wahh his voice is so calm and mellow epic teaching!

  • criixt:

    when did loki play guitar

  • Stefanie Pi:

  • SodaaaPop:

    Totally agree! Look

  • John Doe:

    This guy looks like Loki

  • zippitydood:

    finally a guitar lesson that’s great and to the point! I like your
    explanation since I share a lot with what is described in your lesson. It’s
    good to have lessons that are easy to connect with..thanks! subscribed! :)

  • Manasguitarist:

    your the best teacher!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fred Kruger:

    Beautiful guitar

  • a name:

    alright thank you lol and also im just wondering would you know a tip on
    how to read sheet music

  • mike garland:

    i feel blazed off my ass when i see this video

  • Paul Russell:

    awesome man

  • Paul Russell:

    Good advice. I primarily play fingerstyle but it seems simpler to teach
    some ideas with a pick. I’d do well to refine my flat picking.

  • Paul Russell:

    Great !!!

  • blackbirdflyyx:

    i loled when he perked up.

  • apltadav:

    Looks like commander Data chilling out on the holodeck with his guitar.

  • Aneeq Ali:

    Hi Mr. Paul, im a musician from Pakistan i sing/write and compose my songs
    myself but i am horrible on the guitar i started learning it professionally
    from a tutor but it was to no avail, i can understand everythiny u say but
    i am having problem while shifting my finger while i play the guitar and
    while i practice the walkup. any advice on how to improve my chord/note
    shifting of finger position ?

  • Paul Russell:

    Yeah, I wish I had some close up camera shots. If you experiment, I think
    that you’ll find a lot of possibilities.

  • Zoey Stevens:

    I have two chord progressions, in the same key, and I want to cnnect them
    like a verse to a chorus, I might not have a chorus but you get the idea,
    like a little thing in between the two chord progressions help?

  • Paul Russell:

    @12pinkz Thanks, RieZha.

  • Paul Russell:


  • Paul Russell:

    it’s pretty funny.

  • Erdogan Essat:

    thank you for the lesson.

  • Steven Chavarin:

    I [fuking] love this video. It made me smile!

  • puplove108:

    Your tutorials were pretty much the only tutorials that have ever worked
    for me! Clear instructions that are very easy to follow. Thanks so much!

  • Hallohallo123:

    From all the teachers for beginners you’re the best on youtube!!! Very
    clear explanations!

  • monanar2008:

    Andy, I have had my guitar for over 30 years and have taken lessons, and
    have never been inspired to stick with it. This guitar has patiently waited
    for me to happen upon your video series and we both thank you. I am finally
    learning how to play this dear old friend and it’s all because of you.

  • junglewaltz:

    Andy, you’re a lovely teacher! I enjoyed your two chords lesson (my first
    time trying to play a guitar) — you have such a friendly, warm approach
    and you really impart a lot of useful information, without letting it get
    overwhelming. I felt ready for chord #3 and excited about it. I’m so glad
    you’re here.

  • nylrede247amayu:

    Enjoyed your channel ! Thank-you so much,

  • Louis Singleton:

    What are some of the songs that you can play with that chord?:)

  • Andy Crowley:

    Good spot! In short you can strum either 4 or 5 string and it sounds fine.
    The chord diagrams always show 4 string for a D, and this is good. But
    practically when playing songs, I encourage people to use their thumb to
    mute just the thickets E string (usually when going for higher level
    strumming patterns). You should never use your thumb to mute the thickest 2
    strings, hence why I teach people to mute just the E. But to reiterate,
    either is fine!

  • heybenjamin:

    Hi Andy, First off, thanks for your amazing videos! I got a guitar a few
    Christmases ago and hadn’t had time to learn. I started watching your
    videos and they are simple and fun. I just had one quick question about the
    D major chord. In your chord diagram the top two strings have X (E & B, I
    think), but your video says to not pluck the thick E string only. Are there
    different ways to play the D major chord? Thanks again for your great

  • Andy Crowley:

    Good idea, yeah I can do

  • mysteryman55:

    Can you make a video on how to strum without a pick?

  • Andy Crowley:

    Aw thanks for the support Annsley, means a lot. New videos coming in the
    next day or so!

  • Annsley Marie:

    Andy, thank you so much! I was about ready to give up on learning guitar
    until I came across your videos. They’re so helpful and you explain things
    so well. Thanks again!

  • Andy Crowley:

    That’s great Natalie, I’m glad you’ve found them useful. Be sure to check
    the website for all the videos in order, plus chord sheets- its all free!

  • Natalie Crawford:

    Thank you so much Andy, you have been such a good help, I’ve always had the
    problem with trying to move to different notes, but you’ve shown me how to
    do that, now playing my guitar is much easier after lots of practise. Thank

  • Andy Crowley:

    Very kind of you to say! just trying to help you guys out :)

  • Andy Crowley:

    Make sure you get all the strings ringing out with E

  • Andy Crowley:

    Click the link in the top of the description to see all the video lessons,
    in order, with chord sheets and advice. Start with the ‘Absolute beginners
    first lesson’ which is the first link at the top of the page! :D

  • Andy Crowley:

    cont…E and A chords, especially the thin strings! Click the link in the
    top of the description to see all the video lessons, in order, with chord
    sheets. Be sure to learn at least 3 songs from the first ‘E and A’ section
    before moving on this this. Best of Luck!

  • Akhil Reaper:

    I bought a guitar after watching ur video yesterday and you are doing a
    great job..BUt I am confused about where should I start from. Any advice?

  • nick bath:

    These tutorials are amazing, cheers!!!!! any advice for people with hands
    like shovels and fingers like thiiiiick sausages?

  • Andy Crowley:

    You know what, I have small hands too. my advice, learn at least 4 songs
    with E and A major (Part 1 of the course) and play for just 15 minutes but
    everyday, maybe evening morning and night but just for 15 minutes. Then it
    will become easy and you’ll be able to move forward. Best of luck!

  • Junseok Lee:

    andy, my left fingers hurt and its hard for me to get chords out. plus I
    have a small hand so I cant play some of the chords. any advice?

  • theirishdude:

    man your the best guitar teacher ever and i only started yesterday and i am
    flying it thanks

  • Andy Crowley:

    Thanks for the positive feedback :)

  • Andy Crowley:

    *kind ha