Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords is an interactive reference video by Peter Vogl that will teach you how to play 14 basic guitar chords. For a printable chord chart visit Youtube Instruction on Playing Chords: How to Read Chord Charts: Barre Chords Lesson:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Guitar Chords”

  • Chunnyie:

    my fingers hurt :(

  • Dawid Krysiak:

    Absolutely lovely! How come someone actually rate it negatively??? Great, informative… Well done!

  • Turdbuckethat:

    Man I hate these online lessons!! We guitar players used to be a lot fewer and farther between 20 years ago, but since the internet, everyone and there brothers are guitar players. Back in the day people would love me because I could play guitar. Now, pffffttt, it’s like…oh another guitarist…how quaint!!

  • Turdbuckethat:

    It’s because you haven’t developed the strength in your hand and fingers yet. If you’re feeling intense pain while practicing, stop playing for a couple hours, then go back to it. Don’t over-do it. you can hurt yourself if you over-do it. Eventually you’ll feel no pain at all, then you’ll have better finger control because your fingers and hand will be stronger and your fingers won’t “get in the way” anymore.

  • soomanmahanta:


  • janet macalintal:


  • daanielel:

    help! my fingers are in the way and blocks out other strings making them sound completely off. And why does my fingers on left hand hurts so bad, is this normal?

  • Rubyjuke719:

    I can’t get a note out of the 1st string on A chord because my finger on the 2nd string is in the way! :(

  • Naj Kaya:

    wtf it looks different on the chart compare to wat ur doing on the guitar?? :|

  • Fender Guitar:

    F Major is a bitch

  • IONshulddie:

    My fingers hurt… XD

  • KidVidMaker:

    E Minor is the easiest one.

  • daanielel:

    thanks it did help

  • ShokoDemon:

    wait till you get to F and G. not trying to demotivate or anything. just sayin`.

  • Isabealle12:

    Uhg, I hate B.
    Are you somehow supposed to completely hold down only the first, fifth, and sixth strings with your pointer finger, or bar all the strings? (for B, that is)

  • hussainsajwani:

    For G major chord, you played the second string. In several other videos and charts by other people they are not playing the second string, only the 5th, 6th, and 1st … why is that and do these differences exist in other situations when playing the guitar (I am at the very beginner level). Ty!

  • KirstOwirst:

    Thats just where to put your fingers and the line that goes from string to string is the thing that your strings are in between on your guitar (fret) and the letters are the name of the strings. Hope this helped

  • ShokoDemon:

    i can’t get passt the B, grah.

  • beefcakejcc:

    There is a link in the description to a page where you can print out the chord charts for each chord featured in this video.

  • angelito cabanilla:

    do you have website that has Chords so that I can print..
    please answer..
    and if not do you know some website..?
    anyone can read .. please answer..

  • mark dela torre:

    i want to guitar but i dont know to play it…thk’z to poster…

  • Lutz Ulbrich:

    dem arm veins

  • daanielel:

    and the numbers, sorry for asking so much

  • daanielel:

    And that line that goes from string to string

  • daanielel:

    And what does the letters mean under the white box?