Guitar Chords: Dear Mr. Fantasy Here are the guitar chords for Dear Mr Fantasy, originally by Steve Winwood and Traffic. The chords are pretty easy; A G D, with a f… Click on the link above to get the tabs for this video! GO! In this guitar lesson, Jon MacLennan will teac…
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20 Responses to “Guitar Chords: Dear Mr. Fantasy”

  • 4536647674:

    what a good looking man

  • aroneus:

    Really appreciate this tutorial. A real bonus to discover that a favorite song to sing is not so hard for me to play, too. Thanks for going slowly and being so clear. (Still need you to take the lead solo, though.)

  • Sudip Maitra:

    Thank you very much Collin. You did good man. You’re a great teacher.

  • Den Gibson:

    from UK, phew, ace, just seen the great Steve Windwwod at Bristol do this, Sat gone, and you do this superb, very impressed.
    And make it look so easy.

  • Pipbull99:

    Thanks man… great lesson, didn’t realize it was that easy, Great tune

  • 33SirCharles:

    Well done lesson! Perfect for any beginner-intermediate player such as myself.

  • 1959jammin:

    thanks ! time to practice over and over to such a great song with simple chords !

  • hunky oso:

    muchas gracias!!!

  • Chad Nadler CINBusiness:

    Thank you so very much! You just made my weekend. You are a great teacher. I wish you all the best… :)

  • Michael Walker:

    Awsome! more like this will work for me..

  • menopausalguitarist:

    Thanks! Peace 2 All!

  • orses4corses:

    That was great – thanks. I’ve left it too late to become a rock guitar contender but I’ll keep trying. I’ve just been listening to Shoot out at the Fantay Factory by Traffic. What an album. PS Styx rule!

  • freeway1961:

    Fantastic,simple but can be made very powerfull.Thanks much…
    Big sugar, the loudest band alive

  • tjrieves:

    Thanks man. This was the first Traffic song I experienced, and ever since then I’ve been wanting to learn how to play this.

  • CallMeFluffy007:

    i thought he said john lennon

  • sebastien keys:

    Hello! I’ve made PIANO covers of “in my life” & “let it be” by the BEATLES, I’d like to know fans opinion about it, so come to my channel & listen!

  • gabrielle Mendenall:

    thanks for the lesson (:

  • Juanita Carr:

    I like that you this video is a step by step. It’s easy to follow which is great if your trying it while watching the video. Thanks

  • baddrizz:

    Thanks for the leesson it helped alot!!!!!

  • James Dew:

    Sounds like the Little Feat song “Willin’” (after the G, D, Em, C progression shown, play G, then back to C and slide up and back down a whole step — two frets on the guitar, holding the C or two finger Am7 finger pattern — and there you have the verse chords for Willin’.)