Gypsy Jazz rhythm swing strumming & chords guitar lesson jazz manouche

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49 Responses to “Gypsy Jazz rhythm swing strumming & chords guitar lesson jazz manouche”

  • Philipp Denisenko:

    a w e s o m e

  • willzang3000:

    dude is ILL

  • Berardo Manzi:

    Awesome lesson, I love gipsy jazz!

  • highlands:

    The style of guitar is called a selmer after the original manufacturer, a number of companies and luthiers specialise in making them, although you are unlikely to see one in a guitar shop anywhere.

  • Jan Kelsens:

    super. look this place for great info on gypsy music and guitars. gypsyguitarfans

  • AlbarionRed007:

    What kind of guitar is that?

  • Stephen Scharff:

    What is the open A tuning he’s talking about? is it an open tuning?

  • Dominik Jończyk:

    A jednak :D 

  • Adam Peplinski:

    Nie sądziłem że znajdę tu kogoś z Polski

  • jonathan navarro:

    that sound…

  • Marshallstack3203:

    I want to meet this dude.

  • Teresa Rysiewska:

    Oryginalne; rzadko słuchane, mało znane…

  • HollowZer0:

    that’s a SICK guitar

  • viehmeyerjazz:

    within the minor keyd songs there are alot of 6th chords.many 9th chords.the major chords often consist of 6/9 chords .go to the dcmusicschool.youll learn alot.get hono winterstein volume.2 on there.youll learn almost every gypsy jazz chord.

  • 1runaways1:

    Minor / major 6ths are used a lot, 9th chords, 7ths lots of interesting chords. Gypsy Jazz rhythm guitar isn’t easy to figure out by ear, I’ve been playing a long time and I have a very well trained ear and that’s ho I learned them. If you got a real good ear listen to the music another suggestion is a book called Gypsy Guitar, The Secrets. It comes with a play along cd and some awesome exercises, gypsy techniques, the cds great for ear training, too :) good luck, buddy!

  • rynomacamillion:

    What are the main gipsy chords?

  • TheMrAsianK:

    Thanks man…i’m now 1% like django…he’s just too epic

  • isaac klinco:

    helped quite a bit thanks

  • Gino Galan:

    Thanks for the lesson man, great rythm, greetings from Mexico

  • ShogaNinja:

    One thing I learned long ago is not to emulate the styles of famous guitarists.
    You have to make your own way, but don’t hurt yourself in the process, that’s all I’m saying. And a “teacher” that suggests a style that can hurt you physically, or at least your playing, isn’t a very good one IMO.

    BTW: there’s not a lot of video on Django but he doesn’t use a baseball grip except for to fret with his thumb:

  • chadwick crawford:

    I am certainly not holding up Jeff Ross as a paragon of Manouche rhythm playing. Check out the version of “Lulu Swing” by Romane and Tchavolo Schmitt on Youtube for an example of how someone good does it. And I certainly agree with you that he needs to trim his nails.

  • chadwick crawford:

    Well, I’m sure that the long lineages of Manouche guitar players and teachers would have a bit of a problem with that. The predominant chords used in the style are two and three finger chords that use the thumb in the root position. The preference for these particular fingerings come, at least in part from the legacy of Django, who only had that many to work with. It may seem silly to base an entire fingering system on the legacy of a man with a damaged hand, but come on, he was Django.

  • ShogaNinja:

    And it’s clearly a style learned by gypsies in the country far far away from teachers.

    That doesn’t make it good for you just because they do it. What’s your point?

    It’s acceptable to use the thumb as a fretting finger, but he always leaves it in a bad position and only puts it in a good one to do a traditional barre chord. It may work for this style but there’s a lot that it will not work for at all. If one claims to give lessons they might want to do it right is all. Besides, it’s ugly.

  • Meredith Crawford:

    If by baseball grip you refer to the thumb over the top, that is almost universal in Manouche style chording.

  • Joseph Almeida:

    Thank you so much!

  • battlehrfred:

    Good job ty

  • thadirtybuttanife420:

    Had to go back for a second, Marty is the best.

  • CWZvideo:

    Howdy! I’ve recently built a TV/Guitar I call the “Guitelevision” and would love some guitarist’s feedback. My demo video is called “Guitelevision” – /watch?v=2BwKTsJ0Td0 (First up if you search it) Many thanks!

  • jemma briesen:

    This is good the only thing is, i’m certain that your G chord changed in another one of your beginners acoustic lessons (on youtube) leaving me slightly confused on which one to do…

  • MiniGymnastGirl:

    This vid is awesome!! I just got a guitar and this vid helped me out a LOT!! Thx for posting:$

  • AnniLipu01:

    Well, this was my first time trying to play too, and it helped a lot.

  • reginald joseph:

    He is funny

  • sh leme:

    it’s only 3 chords? ;o

  • craiget:

    How bout’ you spend less time commenting on fucking youtube and PRACTICE more, you pussy.

  • adro2211:

    My problem is, and I just started, is that I can’t make the notes speak when I go amywhere from open. What am I doing wrong? Helpppp?

  • Brad Davies:

    great video :D

  • Dzallas2019:

    Is your thumb holding down the top e string?

  • Grace Clarkson:

    In response to Christopher Lu:
    That guitar will sound different to yours because his is an electro-acoustic unlike yours that will likely be a normal acoustic. Hope this helps:)

  • xWalshSHAUNhslaWx:

    It doesn’t help that my ring finger is sufficiently retarded and seems to have a mind of its own… Ah well, looks good. Shall get cracking. ;O

  • Jungwon EOM:

    @chibiscutas Press harder to the wood I’m a bigginer and I’m at South Korea learning XD I learned piano flute recorder and then guitar

  • Christohper Lu:

    how do you tune it.
    my guitar sounds weird compared to yours.
    its my first time playing guitar

  • GrexTheCrabasitor:

    Been up all night, 6am, new years day, guitar lesson piches!

  • Mokshyadananda Mahanta:

    Thanks a lot…This helps !!!!! 

  • Damo Goat:

    you sound like Jonah Hill

  • Gerc valle:

     sir,can you post the whole guitar chords as a guide for the new guitar learner like me.

  • Jitanjan Das:

    very helpful thanks

  • Geojanni Pangibitan:

    I won’t give up! HAHA.

  • patcah1:

    “well now your backs gonna hurt cause you just pulled landscaping duty”

  • maxanimelover1:

    i got a guitar for a very unknown reason and know im tryng to learn to play it but ending up being confused