How long has Marty Schwartz been playing guitar ? How I Started playing guitar

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25 Responses to “How long has Marty Schwartz been playing guitar ? How I Started playing guitar”

  • montanarockfan:

    Wow, sounds like we have a lot in common! Keep on rockin Marty!
    “Teach us some BOSTON”

  • maplobats:

    I know it sounds like a cheesy adolescent love letter, but I don’t even know words to express how awesome you are, Marty. Thank you for all the knowledge and music and inspiration you give to so many of us.

  • Stephen Hugunin:

    Thank you for everything Marty, you are a great teacher and an inspiration to anyone that wants and has a passion to learn guitar. I have been watching your Videos on and off since 2010 and enjoy every minute I get to sit down and maybe learn a new lick or learn a new set of chords etc. Rarely do I find other you tube videos that have as good of tutorials as yours. You are awesome and hope you dont ever stop helping us learn.

  • B12e3n:

    i have fell into guitar a very similar way haha

  • robnorman1805:

    how dare you dis this guy

  • SilverFire1995:

    You’re voice changes! It sounds weird.

  • Ben Donkin:

    begins vidoe: hey guys marty here….shit…my hat!!!

  • mickie mouse:

    There are a bunch of smart ass kids leaving stupid comments. Grow up !!

  • TheGravygun:

    Your mom would be proud of your hair..

  • boarder4life1231:

    Please do a tutorial on Michigan by The Milk Carton Boys!! If you don’t know it you should look it up!

  • babji renny:

    i thot u wa bald headed,nice hair teacher

  • davewood39:

    Fuck off genital Swartz !!!!!!

  • davewood39:

    Genital Swartz please please just go away every time I search guitar stuff your fuckin hats are popping up…… I don’t know which is worse your hats or your riffs,,

  • robnorman1805:

    really glad i saw this its really inspiring its taught me not to be scared of barre chords. whenever i try to find songs on u tube to play i hope its marty whos the tutor

  • iLov3Creepers:

    Truly ‘an’ (not and)

  • iLov3Creepers:

    Awesome Inspirer, Awesome musician, awesome teacher, Awesome personality…
    Truly and Awesome dude.
    sometimes i loose hope when watching you cus it gets hard and think that i’ll never achieve the same level as you are but until i saw this video, i saw how similar my beginning was to yours and…well… that gave me hope :D
    Thanks for everything Marty :)

  • Charles Baeumel:

    There is hope after all for me to learn

  • 3dsman:

    Same here mate. First lessons at 13 were uninspiring and the guitar my parents had laying around had strings that needed replacing (corroded) and the action was higher than giraffe you know what. Not until years later did I start trying again and only when I was in college and saw some kids in one dorm room playing along to a record of Black Sabbath did it occur to me that I didn’t HAVE to play stupid songs like ‘mary had a little lamb’.  Looks like many of us had the same experience!!

  • Steve Boel:

    why does evryone put that comment?!

  • Bimmermpower4:

    this guy is the shit and i bet has smoked hundreds of bowls

  • iiPrOpHcY:

    And also with you

  • CherayBlues:

    This video give me inspiration! Tnx MART! <3

  • mysterymarksman:

    @TheDogod same as me

  • Reimix2009:

    I let you finish but Marty has the best videos of alla time¡¡¡

  • UltimateRockLegend:

    wow, high school, I’m younger than he is and I play, I hope I’m even as half as good as he is by his age.