How To Play All Major Guitar Chords From A To G

More tutorials in order = Twitter = http This video is an easy shortcut to Learn all Guitar Chords From A to Gs… Walt’s here to help! -Walt If your having trouble on how to read chord diagrams, refer to this video = After that, your all set. Rock out and have fun!
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This is the guitar tutorial for the song Mitwa from the movie kabhi alwida na kahna. A minor change in chords which I figure out later: Play F#m when singing kis aur chala E major Tu
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “How To Play All Major Guitar Chords From A To G”

  • lalainilau:

    get a real quitar man thats bad

  • micknoik:

    Thankyou V-Much

  • asokan0015:

    Thank you very much. It is really helpful

  • mikoregula:

    I play the B with a full bar on the second fret(this means index finger laid all the way across the fret) then I just use the A form on the fourth fret instead of the second fret, you can do that or the partial bar he talks about which barring 2 or 3 strings, you can try barring 2 strings then use another finger for the third string(I can not do well with barring 3 strings either) you just have to figure out what works best for you.

  • mikoregula:

    easier does not translate into better… it you can’t get out the barred F how are you going to get a 5th fret A?

  • briaNL89:

    Get out of the dark so we can see you!

  • TheNeXstorm:

    second fret of the ‘g-string’ lol sounds funny:P

  • isaiah931:

    get better quality video

  • pops2564:

    Make some more videos. You helped me a lot. Thank you.

  • missbubble555666:

    thank you soo much this makes perfect sense ;)

  • djameso2323:

    to bad i can only like this once

  • Purplepackz:

    I really like this tutorial. I’m a beginner I’m 22, Never played in my life but I got a guitar recently…This is a awesome reference to all the major chords. ( a little fast, had to pause and rewind a lot) :] and some people might not understand the chart AT FIRST!! Haha just have to take your time to actually learn it

  • daniel mcneill:

    Easily understood

  • jetstyle74:

    you use your 1 finger as a bar, since all of your other piggies are in front it, it won’t really affect the sound.

  • JSevelinaB:

    no words:) THNx

  • wildangel12:

    Am I the only one that can’t get B? ._. My fingers don’t bend like that…… and really people? Too fast? Pause and rewind. that’s why its a video ._.

  • Jassan Colico:


  • jolenetwj:

    i have really short fingers (i cant press 3 strings together) but a huge guitar, and when i play the B major, my fingers brush into other strings that are not supposed to be touched, so i cant exactly play B major. :/ what is the best way for me to play B major then? please and thanks! ^^

  • kieran95able:

    great help for a beginner! very simple to understand perfect for me. thanks

  • alexandros kontogiannhs:

    ur messed up on everything as far as your method of teaching this is concerned..contradiction everywhere.

  • OldVirginnyIsDEAD:

    and come on guys with the “way too fast”… it’s called pause?

  • OldVirginnyIsDEAD:

    Great video. I can’t manage B or Bm though. My fingers just don’t bend that way…yet. I’ll keep practicing everyday and maybe my fingers will stretch. LoL I dunno.

  • ScandinavianSingers:

    Lots of info on my channel at the moment, how to play
    a simplified A-chord / B-chord and any major chord.
    It will probably help you a lot developing your guitar
    playing :)

  • asianboy021:

    Cant see the god dam strings….!!!!

  • ysabelasamia:

    its really really fast! I couldn’t cope up next time take your time please.

  • Himanshu Suri:

    Superb tutorial.

    Please share the strumming pattern.

  • palsonful:


  • shaikatmajumder66:

    U play smoothly
    Very nice:)

  • mahak swami:

    wat is the strumming pattern???

  • mahak swami:

    very easy to understand….very nice

  • Akshay Maldhure:

    4:58 to 5:08 – Wo baat kya hai bata … Bmaj Amaj B … epic! :P
    Nice tutorial!

  • myguitar andyou:


  • Nabila Ahmed:

    Beautiful voice.  Yaar

  • vaiea62:

    Hi hi! Have you ever tried the X7 Guitar Mind Implant (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend learned to play like in a week with it.

  • uza1r:

    hahaha yaar i love ur method of explaining a song haha i love it really its cool =D

  • uza1r:

    hahaha great work man great =D
    Mitwaaa E major A major B hahahahahah awesome awesome =D

  • Akash Goel:

    i cudnt get a proper strum. pattern on dis one! please help

  • MrFarhankhan100:

    I liked But Sorry! This Guitar is Not Tune On International !

  • kinjal5:

    this video is really helpful!! thank u! I am learning my first song on guitar :P
    u mind explaining the strumming pattern please??

  • Suranga Jayasingha:

    NIce Wow Wow

  • Suranga Jayasingha:

    NIce Wow Wow

  • hippybackpacker:

    Awesome video, I have just started learning guitar and your videos are a great help. I have subscribed to your channel, keep em coming, and hey don’t worry about any discouraging remarks of anyone, there will always be people like that.

  • Manuoverdrive:

    while singing the chorus “mitwa”, Emajor and Amajor comes…..u are just playing Emajor till “mitwa” gets complete…just what i felt while hearing the song.two chords are played with distortion while singing mitwa

  • Manuoverdrive:

    thanks for the video..really helpful..u ve got good teaching skills

  • Manuoverdrive:

    thanks for the video..really helpful..u knw to explain stuffs clearly….

  • Shitom Sardar:

    i jus LOVED the riff bro thx alot for the help :)  i just wanted to add up somethin .. its jus my opinion and sounds kinda sweeter if played like this during “Mitwa, Kaahe Dharkaane Tujhse Kya…”

    u played ” Emaj, Dmaj, Amaj, Emaj” … if Gmaj is played instead of Dmaj, it would sound sweeter, so its like “Emaj, Gmaj, Amaj, Emaj” … try it out and thx alot again bro :)

  • sovan79:

    the intro is awesome dude….following ur videos since a long time….sorry to comment late…keep the tempo going…..GOD BLESS….

  • Alex Jay:

    simranbakshi88 r u a shakespeare ?…….he is not teaching u grammer kid….or accent training…….its just a communication of music…..if u r an expert in english let it be…never underestimate anybody……even dog’s knows english

  • Alex Jay:

    simranbakshi88 r u a shakespeare ?…….he is not teaching u grammer kid….or accent training…….its just a communication of music…..if u r an expert in english let it be…never underestimate anybody……even dog’s knows english