Interesting Guitar Chords – Guitar Chords Lesson – Part 1

Discover new and interesting guitar chords using this simple technique involving open strings. Expand your guitar chord library significantly without relying…

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25 Responses to “Interesting Guitar Chords – Guitar Chords Lesson – Part 1”

  • flower power:

    Hello Mike,

    you strat to say this is the PART 1.
    So, where can I find the 2nd part??

    thanks in advance

  • jlyonia:

    It’s the chord progression for Long Time Coming by Crosby Still and Nash :)

  • d4pwn3rz:

    great example is the song drive by incubus

  • Brennan Nobles:

    @fretjamdotcom Well I still need work on modes, but my chording vocabulary
    needs work. I’m someone who likes to use big sounding chords to fill out
    the sound, but my chording vocabulary seems limited, which affects my
    riffing. I feel like I keep playing the same thing all the time. I don’t
    know if you have any ideas about how to make large sounding chords like
    John Petrucci, or Scale the Summit, and form riffs from there. Sorry if I’m
    not good at explaining. If necessary you can always PM me.

  • Matt Zuber:

    Nice lesson, very useful and practical info!

  • DavidS7421:

    i have been playing for a while now and this stuff completely slipped my
    mind lol. really good video.

  • Pat Lambert:

    This is different….Got me thinking outside the box. Thanks, from one of
    those western americans. Didn’t know I had a cool accent. Regardless,
    thanks for posting.

  • normando2200:

    I first picked up a guitar 4 months ago thinking it’s just a hobby to pass
    the time, and it’s literally taken over my life. You’re videos genuinely
    interest me and you’re good at explaining things. subscribed and thank you :D

  • XzcutioneR2:

    “have na arse for a face” LOL


    Haha, thanks. Yeh to be honest I was debating whether to do the whole
    YouTube thing. There are already plenty of really good videos out there
    showing finger technique but not as much on theory, which I admit can get a
    bit dry. My accent is a rather tragic collision of midland and northern
    English. I wish I had one of those cool, north western American accents,
    but we are who we are…

  • phostenix:

    I’m guessing there wasn’t enough noodling. This is youtube, ya know. :)
    Plus, you didn’t give an opportunity for my favorite standard comment –
    “Dude, how much did that guitar cost?” :P I’m looking forward to your next
    video – keep it coming. BTW, where is your accent from?

  • Moh1Z:

    Thanks a lot, this makes for some interesting chords! I’m even trying to
    figure out what exactly each of the chords is as I go to improve my
    fretboard knowledge.


    @flamespiker9000 hmm, yeh come to think of it those may be the chords it
    uses. Never worked it out to be honest!

  • phostenix:

    Americans always love UK accents. :) I just noticed that the way you say
    “other” & “discover” is different than what I’m used to hearing from
    England. Happy New Year to you!


    @bren6977 What kind of rut are you in? What do you already know well?

  • Smart Board Videos:

    This is a great lesson. Out of the box thinking for those who are stuck in
    a certain way of playing they have learned from a book like I did. Thanks.

  • TheOssien:

    2:14 “First just make sure you have all your fingers”

  • Jer Emy:

    simplie BRILLIANT…. Thank you sooo much!

  • Brennan Nobles:

    This is EXACTLY the kind of lesson I’ve been needing to get out of my
    playing rut. Think there’s a chance of making a video with some ideas about
    getting out of said rut?

  • Pat Lambert:

    Thanks, Mike……Where is part 2 ? Thanks, Oak

  • scottbos68:

    chord 1 at 4:57 is f maj 7 #11 – used in the bridge of panama by van halen
    chord 2 at 5:29 is the first chord of hemispheres by rush, its an awesome
    jazz chord you can sub in any key just use the bass note on the e string
    and move around the chord shape top 4 strings, holdsworth even uses it

  • flamespiker9000:

    3:43 to 3:53 Stairway to Heaven!


    You’re welcome, and it’s great to hear guitar has become a big part of your
    life. Just remember to eat and sleep!

  • vothesun:

    I dig your videos,thx! But… now, I am thinking you have ass for a face.
    still dig the vids though


    Ur videos are by far the most informative I’ve found on guitar theory