Iris Chords – Goo Goo Dolls Guitar Lesson

Visit for more. In this lesson we will look at the song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and it’s associated chords [expand for more]…
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25 Responses to “Iris Chords – Goo Goo Dolls Guitar Lesson”

  • Andrew Hand:

    Hey! Yes…definitely go at your tempo and speed up as you get better. I would practice making the chord shape with your fingers just above the strings. Then press down to fret the notes and play. Move on to each chord doing this type of finger exercise. You’ll find that your muscles will begin to remember these shapes.

    I would also advise getting really comfortable with your open chord shapes before trying to tackle bar chords. See my beginner series playlist on my channel.

  • funnygirls600:

    My fingers don’t move quick… Do I just go at my own tempo until I can get it? And what do you recommend to help me move my fingers quickly and correctly.

  • Asep Dasew:

    Good :)
    and thanks for tutorial :D

  • Andrew Hand:

    Hey Daniel…thanks! I do teach, both locally in Bozeman, MT and on the internet with my guitar teaching website and course Music Made Easy (which is linked in my description boxes). I am really glad you liked the lessons and hope you continue to get a lot out of my other teaching videos!

    If you want even more from me, just come sign up as a free member in my lesson series getting you started with mastering music theory and your fretboard :-)

  • Daniel Ramnauth:

    great lesson, thank you! you should really consider teaching (if you don’t do that already)

  • Andrew Hand:

    Hey chick that rox (love that name)! Thanks for your kind words and seal of approval :-) . I really appreciate it and hope that you’re having a ton of fun playing this AWESOME song!!!

  • TheChickThatRox:

    Andrew, yours is the closest in standard tuning to original which is alternate tuned. GREAT TEACHER YOU ARE, THX!

  • Andrew Hand:

    Yeah, I goofed on that on…HA!!! :-) 

  • weeniebeanmusic:

    lol the sign is backwards

  • Trevor Bentley:

    The best tutorial I’ve had!!! Thank you!!

  • Andrew Hand:

    Cool…Thanks Kyle! I’m really glad it was helpful to you. Hope you keep rockin’ your guitar!

  • Kyle Jackson:

    This is one of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much, Andrew! :)

  • Andrew Hand:

    You’re most welcome…sometimes identifying that 3/4 can be tricky, but like you said, once you’ve got it…much easier :-)

  • Arnab Raychaudhuri:

    Thnx a lot..!!! The tutorial was a big help..!!! And as you have given the lesson using proper timing it became lot more easy..!! Thnx.!

  • Andrew Hand:

    :-) …thanks for saying that! I’m glad to hear my intention is translating over to you. Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it.

  • Nicole Gash:

    You make learning songs easy and fun.

  • Andrew Hand:

    You’re welcome :-) …I know it can seem confusing in the beginning, but hang in there. If you want to start getting a handle on keys and chord progressions, you can sign up to my free lesson series over on my website. I try to start out slow and build up your key and chord knowledge :-)

  • Andrea Rodríguez Velázquez:

    im sure it will eventually, thanks a lot!! =)

  • Andrew Hand:

    Hey Andrea. A Capo won’t due anything for you other than allow you to use different chord shapes or change the key if you use the same shapes I show you. I personally think the D chord shapes work best for going to a Dsus2 chord, but of course you could use a different shape set. Just go from a 1 to a 1-sus2 chord to a 4 chord and then to a 6-m7 chord to a 5-sus4 chord to the 4 chord for the verse and a 6-m7 to 5-sus4 to 4 chord for the chorus. Hope that makes sense to you.

  • Andrew Hand:

    Hey Nick…really glad this was easy to follow for you. It’s neat to see how just a few chords can make such an epic song! Thanks for your feedback :-)

  • Andrea Rodríguez Velázquez:

    thank you so much!, do you know how to use the capo in order to make it acuter?

  • Nick Marquez:

    Andrew, great job–this video is great. Easy to follow–which is good for a simple guy. Thanks!

  • Mark Webb:

    I subed to you can you please subscribe to me, also i loved this tutorial very good and i rated it good

  • Andrew Hand:

    Hey there! So glad it was helpful and thanks for watching :-) 

  • downhill240:

    Excellent lesson. Thanks for sharing!