Learn how to play Rockabilly guitar chords lesson played on a Fender Telecaster

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25 Responses to “Learn how to play Rockabilly guitar chords lesson played on a Fender Telecaster”

  • IAmBound:

    lots of rockabilly guitarist used solid bodies…

  • dennis facundo:


  • CWZvideo:

    Howdy! I’ve recently built a TV/Guitar I call the “Guitelevision” and would love some guitarist’s feedback. My demo video is called “Guitelevision” – /watch?v=2BwKTsJ0Td0 (First up if you search it) Many thanks!

  • Francis Rodriguez:

    lot of 50′s studio guitarist played the then..new telecaster on lots of rockabilly recordings done at capital hollywood…

  • David Binks:

    This is great! Thanks Jeff!

  • j2strat:

    Gee, using a tele for rockabilly someone should tell James Burton or Albert Lee or,,,,,lovethehater you are just an idiot..

  • L0vethehater:

    can’t I just bitch about the little things that the fact that he used a solid body,why?He does it to piss me off.!

  • purplestuff:

    Carl Perkins used a solidbody. Your complaint is moot.

  • Mookytc:

    Another free gift from the master himself! Thx!


    sublime …

  • Pierre Gaudreault:

    Simply Very Good !

  • checkabreak:

    Need a hug? :D

  • Ben McComb:

    six banger

  • Les Behrendorff:

    great stuff i love it

  • William Monteith:

    You’re such an idiot, man. “Hey, I’ll flame this video with idiotic non sequiturs pertaining to my limited knowledge of guitar.” Who gives a fuck what he plays it on? It sounds good. You just want attention.

  • L0vethehater:

    Sorry,should use the spell checking.But my point was.No,this doesn’t fucking “ROCK”

  • L0vethehater:

    But why play this type on a electric guitar and not a semiacoustic or like Tommy Emanuell just plug in a western aucoustic guitar with a plectrum or one o the thumb.This seems more limited and the sound is less colorful.Stuck in a bottle played on low volume for those that doesn’t play the blues.The emotion is stuck on “wow,I am just not in the mood to do anything more than play this after my two valium with nothing else to do,.

  • tc122998:

    what gear are you using to get that awesome tone?

  • jeffcc2000:

    7th and 9th note of the scale.

  • dsadad21:

    im lefthanded, does it make any big difference if i play a righty guitar upside down?

  • Darren Long:

    hey i to old to understand all this I just play, tried having lessons but my hands ended up in spasms, went back to how I play. If sounds ok then thats good enough. But thank you for taking the time to teach us>>>

  • pjeter49:

    guitar lesson by Dennis Hopper

  • Rusty Strings:

    its in the key of b so you can use b pentatonic i think

  • Saverio5280:

    Horrible teacher.

  • MSBollWeevil:

    Go back to learning all the chords.