Martin Nystrom – As The Deer Cover With Guitar Chords Lesson

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14 Responses to “Martin Nystrom – As The Deer Cover With Guitar Chords Lesson”

  • Maston Silalahi:

    good Job…. very helpful

  • Ron Stewart:

    Nice video, keep up the good work

  • Runako1653:

    Amazing, like the child voice singing very pure. Keep doing videos you have
    9 I want some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guitarchordslesson:

    thanks dude. 38 :)

  • shenot greta:

    at last i found a “beginner-friendly” guitar tutor!, i’m subscribing=) i
    hope u can post more worship songs…please=) thank you for being so
    generous with your gift!…, with all the efforts of chords, lyrics and
    slow tempo.heheh…deeply appreciated!

  • Ethan Jeneke:

    whats the strumming pattern?

  • WorldNewFilms:


  • shenot greta:

    i really want to strum my worship to God,(my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)
    during my quiet times with Him and this really helps..thank you so much=)
    (in grateful mode) May our Gift Giver, Jesus, continue to bless you more
    and may His Glory so shine among men through you! God bless you. (i hope u
    can still manage to reply)=)

  • InspireNewGeneration:

    Thank you very much for making this video. I can play this in piano, but
    this will be my first attempt for guitar song. I luv the way you insert
    guitar cords with lyrics.

  • Ajay Mathew:

    nice one dude :) hw old r u?

  • Billy Heddins:

    Hey, that’s some smooth work! Nice guitar, keep up the ministry! Stay with
    Jesus, you will grow, and get better and better! Hang in there!!

  • JTV84:

    that beautiful voice distracted me from the guitar, i’ll have to play it
    back on mute and write down the chords.

  • deovalenzuela:

    that is awesome!

  • JTV84:

    i’m used to playing the G chord with fingers 213, I can see the advantage
    here of playing it with 324 but my fingers don’t seem to agree :(