The 6 Most Important Chords on Guitar Here are the 6 most important chords to know as a beginner guitar player – some major and some minor. These are the basic chords in …

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49 Responses to “The 6 Most Important Chords on Guitar”

  • themanfromwem:

    looks like mick philpott…….sri

  • DrummingFuzz:

    you make learning guitar fun sir :)

  • Charlie Fox:

    I found G much more difficult than C, but I have heard lots of people struggle with C at the start…Love the video man. Thanks

  • Alf Rose:

    Thanks. You’re instructions are so clear that even a musical dummy like myself, is able to follow them.

  • Jacob Curran:

    yeah, was going to comment about that but you beat me to it :P

  • DoctorS8n:

    The thumbnail is a bit freaky.

  • semidav1:

    Thank You. Very helpful. Simple.. Good Theory:” KISS” (not the rock group)..
    FUN stuff.. :-)

  • audioware1:

    if you don’t want them to play the E over C, show them how to play G over C because the will play it any way…

  • jhonatan loaiza:


  • Caleb Rollins:

    when you play a chord make sure that the strings are not pressed against all the way on the fret board just press hard enough to get the sound out this very espescially if you play electric because make the chord sound out of tune

  • Vanessa Kimbell:

    Thank you . just bought a guitar today. You are an inspiration.

  • Foolian1332:

    maj9b5 or gtfo

  • rod ney:

    Great advice. You sure make it look easy. Now where did I put my guitar……

  • Teapartytim7:

    Yo finger nails are grody bro… smh

  • robert12233445:

    you talk more than my college professors

  • TheDarkElfValenDreth:

    well no, Hendrix inverted his strings.

  • Tony Byers:

    I’m left handed and play a left handed guitar. However I would suggest learning right handed. When you first pick up a guitar it feels impossible so you might as well learn the way the majority play as it’s a pain to find lefties. However, if it feels more natural left handed then go with that.

  • Gerald Dixon Cummings:

    Ask Jimi Hendrix, he seemed to just that, quite well I must add. Left handed guitars were not as big then as they are these days.

  • DanielSayre:

    Wolf, my best friend; she’s left handed but finds it easier to play on a right handed guitar, because she’s having to use her left hand in more specific ways, with the right hand you just have to strum.
    I’m ambidextrous, so it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Charlee Murphee:

    This was a funny vid dood! :D Great job! We’re over here laughing our asses off! This rivals Spinal Tap!:-)

  • Jason Jolin:

    i like the full f and bminor chords but for whool stop the rain ill use the smaller version of the b minor

  • shamiir18:

    not if you put the strings in the correct order, Hendrix did it

  • Terence Francis:

    Yak yak yak.

  • angelfreakz:

    I play right handed guitar with the strings switched

  • crazyaboutsongs1709:

    i feel you bro, now i’m learning to play a guitar with my right hand :(

  • CWZvideo:

    Howdy! I’ve recently built a TV/Guitar I call the “Guitelevision” and would love some guitarist’s feedback. My demo video is called “Guitelevision” – /watch?v=2BwKTsJ0Td0 (First up if you search it) Many thanks!

  • mcsplst:

    Thanks again 6 minutes that has helped me tremendously and it’s fun

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  • j0nnyism:

    im right deep down in that rabbit hole

  • Gboy331:

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  • VipMss:

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  • philip staley:

    I see you click your foot on a switch for backing music so you can play lead ?

  • philip staley:

    Hi Marty . Hey what stuff do you use for the backing music i hear and see you have ?what program are you using ? phil

  • Constanta Cocut:

    Have you heard about “Atomic Max Muscle?” (look for it on Google) It is a quick and easy way to build muscle fast.

  • Marco Desousa:

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    check out my channel
    i have lessons on songs, chords, teqniqe, and covers
    like and suscribe

  • Abolaji Ayodele:

    sorry i jst notices this is the same lesson i have o mine , sorry i didn’t notice.. i haven’t watched this video before.

  • Abolaji Ayodele:

    Great lesson! :) , people check my account for a video about cool chords. Thanks.

  • kirkhassan:

    do you mean i can create my own solo according to this concept?

  • Atomic Injun:

    not only missing the skull cap its missing the “HEY!!!…”

  • MegaMusicMd:

    Thank you very much Marty I think that was one of the most important lessons I have been given while learning guitar. Thank you so much. I intend to purchase one of your courses when I have completed my current course. Thanks from Ireland.

  • Δημος Γουολ:

    marty!!!where is your hat????

  • jroper42025:


  • bruceteel7:

    cool lesson

  • Lucas Lois:

    full step - 2 frets up
    half step – 1 frets up

  • jx4x4man:

    I need a different why to finger an a maj

  • therodeoflip:

    A whole step up = move down two frets toward your picking hand, move down a whole step means toward the tuning pegs two frets, a half step is just one fret

  • 1999PhantoM:

    Marty doesn’t look like Marty… but he’s STILL awesome :D

  • roboticfriend:

    Didn’t recognise you!

  • lovemusictunes:

    what a hero!