The A Chord (Guitar Lesson BC-112) Guitar for beginners Stage 1

Justin’s Completely Free, Beginners Guitar Course Lesson BC-112. This is Stage 1 – Lesson 2. In this lesson we are going to be learning the A Chord. Exciting…

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31 Responses to “The A Chord (Guitar Lesson BC-112) Guitar for beginners Stage 1”

  • johnredcorn77:

    well you can always bar the A chord much more easier

  • Carmen Francis:

    @musicilajil I’ve been using Jamorama to learn guitar fast and I really love it..
    See this ==>

  • austin castro:

    just bar it.

  • Barnabas Collins:

    thank you mr. sandercoe! i learned two chords today! the D and A chords, and i think that’s it for today, because my fingers are really hurt, but i won’t stop practicing until i master all the chords! and play my favorite song “the season of the witch” by donovan.. thank you very much sir! :)

  • Joon Eun Kim:

    oh my, this is my first time in guitar and i cannot understand it :3

  • Lisa Mills:

    Thank you! This first way is the easiest so far. I am brand new and trying to learn to play Mull of Kentyre and you have taught me an easy way to play A. New subscriber:)

  • PatWilsonProductions:

    1. Keep practising. Your fingers will eventually develop calluses, and they will hurt less in the long run.
    2. Don’t start learning a song until you know all of the major chords.
    3. Start listening to how the artist plays, and read up on some tabs.

  • Nicole Morales:

    I recently got a guitar, but I just wanna learn a song! I keep trying to learn the basic cords but it just ends up sounding like crap! Cx and my fingers start to hurt. I’ve been trying to learn the only exception by Paramore but I can’t remember the basic cords and I just wanna learn how to play guitar and sing at the same time. I just can’t do it. :/

  • J. Clancy:

    Is that a new frozen food?

  • SuckerKiss:

    Hehe he said fingering ..

  • mikeyt12321:

    i went to the gym and enrolled my fingers in a zumba class. i never looked back.

  • Ceion Rogers:

    amazing you make it easier by going at a steady pace, keep it up, your doing great!

  • Han Ly:

    You guys, I tried this fingering and it’s only hard at first!! His fingering is a lot more convenient than 1-2-3. Seriously it works for me, with this fingering I can change from A to D or E effortlessly!

  • BeatlemaniaFan64:

    Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles has only the C chord…

  • AntMixFilms:

    From easiest to hardest, E chord is the easiest for me. Then D then A.

  • David Machado:

    hey thanks bro! helped me alot
    ps: nice accent!!

  • JCshizle:

    what if u have sausage fingers

  • Kim Mir:

    You just gained a subscriber :)

  • gina m:

    Best tutorial channel, for learning how to play, that I’ve seen. *subbed* thanks!

  • scriptette i am:

    hahhaha “oh my god i cant believe my fingers fast enough” heyy don laugh at us -_- hahahah

  • Ken Cruz:

    Thanks for this video. Really helpful to me. This link also help my guitar lessons.


    Tip….You really don’t need to press hard. Just enough to make the chord sound clean. If you get your fingers in the right positions just lightly press the string until you get the clean sound. Use light 8 gauge strings. If your fingers are sore and it hurts too much to practice, You can go to Rx and get some liquid skin. You can find that where band aids are sold. Put on tips of fingers. Also super glue on finger tips will help too. They will still hurt but it does help heal them faster.


    For sore fingers, Soak your fingers in rubbing alcohol. Practice 15 minutes then take long break. Take it very slow!

  • yougottado94:


  • Tommy Brown:

    My Fingers are So Big

  • seiranemoco:

    search, seiranemoco. I have an acoustic version of this song.

  • xFIZZproductions:


  • edgar castillo:

    k, now ther are 3…4 coments counting this one.

  • didik tri handoyo:

    not bad. lol.

  • edgar castillo:

    142609 veiws and only one coment…

  • Sam Myers:

    great lesson