Basic Fingerstyle: Travis Finger Picking (Folk Guitar Lesson FO-108) How to play

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25 Responses to “Basic Fingerstyle: Travis Finger Picking (Folk Guitar Lesson FO-108) How to play”

  • Marco Desousa:

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  • hij0sdelachingada:

    Hey Justin, can you tell me some songs, where I can use this kind of picking?

  • BiaaYoa:

    nice ring:))

  • myortone:

    7:29 funny face ^_^

  • zetsu stha:

    this make me perfect…………

  • Barnard715:


  • Kathryn Jasper:

    I know this is basic travis picking, but when you are picking the D7 at the end of this tutorial wouldn’t it be easier to just fret the 6th string with your thumb instead of alternating with your ring finger? Does it become more necessary with more complex patterns? I’ve heard guitarist say its not good to use your thumb, and i’ve heard some say it’s fine.

  • bradoo123:

    do you use this same picking pattern for waltzing matilda??

  • Harry Cossey:

    have you got acrylic extension on your thumb nail? i have something similar and use it like a pick

  • manalexxxx:

    fingerstyle guitar tabs @ fingstyle. com

  • unforgivenx8:

    bonita guitarra

  • BenjaminFranklin99:

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  • 2012felixx:

    I didnt find this much harder than the simpler fingerstyle tbh, thanks justin :)

  • Zipper Pinches:

    I struggled a long time till that sounded somewhat like I was getting it. But its worth it. Merle is tricky. Thom Bresh says that Chet articulated Boom Chick / Boom Chuck individually to both the E and A strings because when he heard Merle thats what he thought he was doing. Either way both made great guitar music. Seems Merle thumbed across both the E and A strings together to get a heavier punch to his melody line. It sounded tight still though.

  • Terris I:

    I learned Julia by the Beatles a while ago so this wasn’t so bad.

  • guitarsaiyan:

    Yo… that’s a cool ring justin.

  • Mateusz Straszewski:

    To be precise it looks more like Chet Atkins picking style. Merle Travis while picking used only his thumb and index finger. Other fingers were “glued” to the guitar. :-) But, that’s not really important here and it’s a very valuable lesson!

  • Zsolto66:

    I love it when you begin to jam or play up-tempo at the end of the lessons. That is the part that gives me the most and the best ideas. Thank you also for that, Justin.

  • eNTo0o0:

    Totally agree. Seriously.

  • James707:

    Thanks for the lesson Justin. I took lessons for 4 years and these videos are like continuation of my lessons. You’re awesome!!!

  • Zeppelinrocker7:


  • grantniels:

    You need to put a reflector or a light down low so we can clearly see the movement of your fingers ;0)

  • mlord1only:

    Hej check out the result of one of your loyal subscribers: /messysketchy still enjoy your lessons!

  • Jackastrophic:

    LEGEND :) I like finger picking!

  • Steve Phillips:

    Great lesson. Good clarity too rare thing in such a Mad World dude, expect I will add your folk DVD to my collection of Justin’s things soon. All your DVDs and book is good value for the money. Will you be making new album someday and another gig soon?