Basic Guitar Lessons – Be Sure Not To Make These Mistakes

Hi there. Are you interested in taking up basic guitar lessons? Well, today, I would like to share with you three mistakes that some beginners make, and hopefully you will not make them when you start learning how to play the guitar. Anyway without further ado, let me get started!

They Give Up Easily

Look, it comes to learning something new, you have to give yourself ample time to pick up the necessary skills. You will not turn into a pro overnight. This is especially true if you are just learning basic guitar lessons. Some people just give up way to soon! It may seem difficult at the start, but I encourage you to press on! Be sure to spend at least an hour practicing every day. You need to practice on a consistent basis, not 5 hours one day and not touching it for the next 5 days before practicing for another 5 hours on the seventh day. Be consistent, persevere, and take it slow. I believe you will eventually become the guitarist you have always wanted to become, as long as you persevere.Basic Guitar Lessons – Be Sure Not To Make These Mistakes

They Do Not Follow The Lesson Plan

Some people want to learn to play the guitar so quickly that skip some of the lessons, in hopes to learn something more advanced. If you are a newbie, I do not recommend you choose this method of learning, even if you think you are a faster learner. This is because you may not have gotten the foundations strongly built yet. Again, you need to exercise patience here. Follow the lesson plan without skipping anything, and master the foundational stuff, such as notes, chords and scales. If you want, you can try playing some simple songs to help you out. But please, do not skip any lessons. It is vital that you understand the fundamental concepts such as root notes, scales and keys, so that you will be able to cope with more advanced lessons later on.

They Do Not Develop Muscle Memory

When you are taking up basic guitar lessons, it is important that you develop muscle memory. This is so that you need not be looking at the fretboard and strings all the time while you are playing. Learn to visualize where your finger will be moving too when you are about to change chords. Then, when you are more confident, try playing that without looking. Remember, practice makes perfect, and your muscles will not have a chance to memorize the movements unless you give them the chance to memorize.

With that I hope you are aware of what mistakes to avoid when taking up basic guitar lessons. I hope you have enjoyed this article and I hope you will also enjoy your journey as a guitarist.

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