Blues Guitar Lessons – Learn Blues Guitar With Jim Bruce – Deep River Blues by Doc Watson

Blues Guitar Lessons Street Blues Learn Blues Guitar with Jim Bruce. http:/…

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25 Responses to “Blues Guitar Lessons – Learn Blues Guitar With Jim Bruce – Deep River Blues by Doc Watson”

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  • Shawn Andress:

    I want to learn this. Sounds nice. I wonder if I could emulate this and mix it with my basic style of playing. I like all kinds of music depending on my mood. Thanks for being so popular, it was not hard to find this channel.

  • mistcoveredmountains:

    One word…..Fantastic!!!

  • Paul A:

    This is brilliant I’m gonna be straight on it thanks for sharing.

  • willy350z:

    Fantastic talent*********

  • lukethecoolfool:

    What strings do you use?

  • CWZvideo:

    Howdy! I’ve recently built a TV/Guitar invention I call the “Guitelevision” and would like some other guitarist’s feedback. My demo video is called “Guitelevision” (should be first up if you search it) and I’d love to hear some thoughts. Many thanks! – cwzvideo

  • Michael Pearce:

    Hey Mr.Jim Bruce,Thankyou for sharing your talent with the world.You did a really fine job for Doc.I’m sure he’s quite proud of you.Keep Rockin

  • MrOcean15:

    Tvy p

  • Brandon Grandorff:

    I love the sound of this good music!!

  • ballyhalle2444:

    Excellent! just subscribed, great channel. Please check out my channel for my own song Lily House Blue

  • Jim Bruce:

    Hi – technically its not too difficult, particularly if you use the shortcuts I show on the vid. The big challenge is to play it smoothly in the that great relaxed style of Doc’s – go for it!


  • nubcakken01:

    how hard of a fingerpicking song is this on a scale of beginner to expert? ~advanced?

  • Tony Pappas:

    Thank you for subbing. Subbed back. You are fantastic my friend!!!

  • Jim Bruce:

    Normal tuning, key of E

  • Elliot Price:

    What tuning ?

  • elan150s:

    great instructional video, thank you for taking your time and resources to bring us a great lesson. cheers from NH

  • Slap Stick:

    Is that you in the video: “Doc Watson playing Wayne Henderson guitar”?

  • bazaaro1:

    great video .very helpful since Ive now come to the point in my playing where I can learn blues fingerstyle.Just a thought though.It would be easier to learn if the chord shapes appeared first .That way I can get into possition and then focus on the right hand pattern.Just sayin.thx again.I will get this song !

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  • larkyleroy:

    man I really havta play this slow in order to get it. It will be well worth it when I finally master this.

  • Jim Bruce:

    Thanks – not strictly blues music, but definitely blues guitar chords combined with Travis style picking – awesome indeed!

  • Jim Bruce:

    Yeah – pick up those blues guitar tabs – you know it makes sense!

  • Jim Bruce:

    You’re welcome – anything that helps to learn how to play the blues.

  • Jim Bruce:

    What’s ‘acoustic blues guitar lessons’ in Spanish?