Blues Rock Guitar Solo Lessons – Inspired by Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead

CLICK HERE Soloing over changes – Blues Rock Guitar Solo Lessons – Inspired by Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead.

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24 Responses to “Blues Rock Guitar Solo Lessons – Inspired by Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead”

  • Elijah Boyer:

    I would love to see you do a lesson on Angus Young inspired licks lesson

  • TheTheaterThug:

    What’s that chord you’re playing after the D chord?

  • Ben Donkin:

    LOVE the hat!

  • Becky Moore:

    i dont see how someone can enjoy the grateful dead on acid even good ol fashion lsd extinct vitamin c 

  • Thierry Louis:

    you are amazing man

  • Alex Crabtree:

    pisses me off that the advertisement is for a rival guitar teaching website. no thank you, i like marty!

  • vanmagnan:

    marty i’m a huge fan of your videos, but i must say this has been one of the most insightful lessons you have, i feel like this video alone has given me loads more to focus on… thanks!!

  • defuture05:

    ur videos have been my favorite guitar tutorials on YouTUBE because you give enough riff for hook and verse to learn- and you have sooo many styles.. I’ve been playing for 5 years and gotten kinda 1 sided in what I practice- your videos are great. Thanks!

  • imrov416:

    Theses are really good lessons

  • becool143225:

    best music……

    Best Music

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  • monsour cataquiz:

    can you teach me how to play “ours” by taylor swift on guitar plsss i really need it. Thank you btw. your tutorial helps me a lot!! @martyzsong

  • leeroy q:

    what song is this

  • AfterMath428:

    damn marty, you’re so soulful

  • GrievingTheJoy:

    The looping track? Yeah, watch his video on how to play “Deal” by the Dead. It’s the same thing.

  • kevoice:

    @civic734 you just have to try about 75,000 times :)

  • CharlieEdMusic:

    hey everyone please could you check out my guitar videos it would mean the world to me!!

  • rmizeelectric:

    btw your chops are UNREAL and i have watched about a hundred of your videos. they are fantastic thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.

  • rmizeelectric:

    in the intro you do the 12 bar blues progression, which i have figured out and recorded, then it goes into something like this: halfway through the 2nd time through the 12 bar, instead of going to a turnaround with the A7 chord going down 3 half steps, then b and d in bars 11 and 12, instead of this you go into what sounds like a 3 chord repeating progression from the f#minor7 to some chord to a D and repeat a few times. is this correct and what is the second chord in that part of the jam???

  • DJ DropZone:

    Marty Schwartz! Y U B So Good?! :O

  • ahues25:

    what kinda bees make milk….??


  • Bradley Walls:

    does anyone know what chords he’s playing?

  • cocoarono12:

    marty do you have a tutorial on the chords version of this that you did in the beginning?

  • mynamecliche:

    Excellent work Marty! Your videos have made me a well-rounded guitarist! Your lessons on passing tones and various scales are always really helpful! Whenever someone wants guitar tips I point them to you!

    One thing that would make the lesson even more complete is if you did a video of just the backing loop you made so we could really practice the concepts.