Brian Setzer guitar lessons

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Brian Setzer guitar lessons”

  • Toracube:

    He’s bloody good….

  • shackyl:

    too hip gotta go

  • fattirevsbud:

    boy those chords I just don’t know

  • surlankishyre:

    Imagine if this guy auditioned to be a part of the Ozzy Osbourne band back in the early eighties instead of Randy Rhodes? Blizzard of Oz would’ve been titled Train Ride to Oz or Cadillac Attack!

  • leo13mj:

    woah! a class from the past

  • maxmik2:

    skip up to 05:28 to “Feeding Back G!”

  • TeenageQueenie:

    Brian Setzer my number #1 man! My favourite guitarist. So underrated. Could watch him play for hours…

  • SlimeAndRock Roll:

    /watch?v=Bc8p2WNuq7k Cover of stray cat strut from some friends ;) check out there acoustic homemade cd too ;)

  • DrSequoia:

    Got it? :) )))))

  • Mosconi526:

    What is that song called that he’s doing for the lesson? 

  • marko6849:

    Brians the man

  • besamemucho5:

    i have to second what you saying…for me if i can’t play like brian setzer at least i can sit here and listen to him and be able to enjoy it to no end…

  • tyleruser123:

    Thanks, that for every thousand horrible video clips of crap playing on You Tube, there a gems like these. Well done Mr. Setzer! You are the essence of uber cool and taste!!


  • DoorsClosingSlowly:

    I’ll be gone for a while…smashin my fucking guitar to bits. Why are you so damn good Mr S?

  • Takogen3:

    I can’t follow you, I give up. I’m happy with just listening your play, Thank you very much, you are awesome!

  • Takogen3:

    I can’t follow you, I give up. I’m happy with just listen your play, Thank you, You are awesome!

  • monkeychicken24:

    Too Hip Gotta Go

  • MegaPapa1968:

    I’ve played guitar for nearly 30 years. I’ve been influenced by some of the greats such as (predictably) Hendrix, Page, Townshend, Knoffler etc. The more I watch Setzer the closer he is to knocking Hendrix and Knoffler off there lofty perch. Hendrix reinvented the sound a simple, battered old Strat could make. Knoffler…well what can you say about a bloke that can play solos like that without a pick? It’s not so much the stuff that Brian plays, it’s the way he plays it. My soon to be number one

  • jonanjello:

    What a guitar player. He’s amazing.

  • Brentboy111:

    I just laugh and smile while I watch this. No sir,I haven’t got it.I will never get it. Not like you “Have it”. Might have a BBQ with my 6120 this weekend. He also “makes a mistake”.Brian as far as we are concerned you can do what you like mate

  • Erik Groseli:

    what is the name of this song? 4:31

  • 1971SuperLead:

    Brian humbles the shit out of me.

  • Brayn Stakes:

    One of the greatest!

  • FlingsPooAtTheZoo:

    I’ve “got it” just as much as I’ve got those Japanese subtitles. Jeez! I’d be thrilled just to work up to the level where Brian was back when “Rock This Town” and “Stray Cat Strut” came out! (And he’s only gotten better and better since then!)