Delta Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson: EP013

Visit to download the tablature for this acoustic blues guitar lesson. This is an original delta blues finger style composition that’s played in the style of Lightin’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, and Howlin’ Wolf – with maybe a little Eric Clapton thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

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48 Responses to “Delta Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson: EP013”

  • Rati Soselia:

    cool, great work ! tab not free? eh…

  • Jay Noblezada:

    I love how at the end you say, “well, that’s all I have for this lesson.”
    What a boss. I’m learning so much from each little tune you teach. Thanks so much!

  • Robert Spotti:

    Thanks Bryan….you do a great job teaching at a nice pace to learn at. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


    THANK YOU Bryan….you are so best and thanks for sharing your wonderful playing..
    I will sign up with Activemelody
    because you teach so well….I AM A FAN

  • piroxinaable:

    You got a great suond with only 400$ and that’S amazing man! If you read guitar magazine they all talk about 1500/2000$ for a good acoustic guitar and that’s shit what they say…you can buy a good damn guitar for more less!

  • 12Radius:

    Thanks for the comment. Some of them are open tuning. Some of them tuned down.

  • activemelody:

    hey man, your stuff sounds pretty amazing too! just listened to a few videos. assuming you’re doing most of that in open tuning?

  • activemelody:


  • Vcubed1:

    Very nice composition. It’s not Lightnin’ Hopkins style, but that’s OK. Very nice in your style.

  • 119527863:

    Was the show in Vegas?

  • Billyray195159:

    Great Lesson.As far as the Guitar sounding to Happy. I think it’s just in who is playing it. Sounded Pretty Bluesy to Me. Thank’s Againg for the Great Least. ♫

  • guitarmaniaify:

    It is a cool bluesy guitar ☆
    Very good!

  • echeva2:

    good job

  • 12Radius:

    This is one of you best. And cool guitar. love the acoustic got 20,000 subs. me 520. yo the blues master.

  • golfnff:

    Suggestion on this particular lesson would be that I would have really enjoyed hearing you play back the entire song at the end at maybe 50-75% speed so that I could get the correct timing on all of it together? This is the hardest part for me as learning the notes are fairly straightforward the way you teach. The phrasing/timing is difficult unless you are familiar with the tune. Thanks again for all that you do here. Great teacher!

  • golfnff:

    Yes, I got the exact same guitar after watching your big band, swing style video. Was able to get a great deal on it for 300.00 OTD. You also inspired me to buy a vintage parlor guitar as well after listening to some of your delta blues lessons. Really enjoy this kind of guitar! Just finished learning your blues solo guitar lesson-just guitar. Another great lesson. Have one suggestion for you as an intermediate level guitar player…..I will send it in next message due to limitation on size

  • adaptiveagile:

    Sounds beautiful. That’s a great value. I like the form factor of parlor guitars — find larger, Dreadnought styles too uncomfortable. Yours looks quite thin, too. Thanks for the info.

  • activemelody:

    No problem, the guitar is an Alvarez AP710SB. It’s a little parlor guitar I picked up at my local guitar store a few months ago. I picked it up and started picking on it and couldn’t beleive how well it played and sounded.. and the best thing was the price tag was less than $400. I don’t think you can beat this guitar for the price.

  • activemelody:

    Cool :) glad you’re enjoying. I think the only thing that would make ANY guitar sounds “happy” would be what you’re playing on it. You can make any guitar sound bluesy if you play the right notes! I can’t remember, did you get the sunburst model?

  • Jim Blake:

    Excellent lesson Brian. It would be very useful if you announced the key of the song at the beginning so that those of us with terrible short-term memories and fuzzy vision might predict what notes of the scale are coming up.

  • golfnff:

    Another awesome lesson on that cool little Alvarez that I bought. I’m really enjoying playing this little parlor. It is kind of funny that on the Acoustic Guitar Review of this guitar they stated that it sounded too “happy” for blues but I think it has a fine tone for blues! Keep up the good acoustic blues lessons and Robert Cray stuff. Really digging this!

  • adaptiveagile:

    Agreed. I LIKE that you go slow… and I haven’t even watched this particular lesson yet. Brian, you so rock. Thanks for all you do. The fingerboard on that guitar looks delicious. Must be a joy to play. I’m sure you’ve addressed it before, but can you tell us about the guitar? If it’s on your forum (I’m a member and customer), just tell me and save yourself the typing.

  • activemelody:

    Cool – that was a freebie from the Consumer Electronics Show last year. I’m one of those guys that actually WEARS schwag :)

  • guitarman65854:

    Cool lesson thank you

  • 119527863:

    I like the tee-shirt. I work for Corning.

  • dariel6199:

    Stop posting japenis ,chines words the guy who made this vid would not like it ,,,,,,OK SO STOP!!!!!!!!!!

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  • cotsy82:

    this is no help i have no idea on even how to read ur lil chart

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  • IsThisEvenEdible:

    expertvillage: where beginners try to teach beginners

  • 2001Steelers:

    This video doesn’t help at all.

  • fumiewofumouyo:

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  • TimzionTV:

    check out my channel for easy and comprehend-able tutorials on how to play the acoustic guitar and easy melodies!

  • AdobongHaloHalo:

    My small hand with short fingers is the problem~ damn!

  • sk8boardrulz:

    Please check out my how to clean a guitar video on my channel guys thanks.

  • Toefo Guiru:

    This really is Great! couple of months before I had been wondering about playing the guitar similar to this :( however just after following Jeff’s guitar trainings, it was practically nothing!!! here you go guys,,


    go and see how he perform. anybody can perform like this. virtually all u need is courage And to be patient. best of luck!

  • tristan kelly:



  • ElitexLegendxx:

    im a beginner but clearly it shows on the diagram what low e is xD

    low E A D G B high E
    6 strings
    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie
    Have a nice day sir :)

  • Priestess Kandi Ranson:

    You want me to do what to who for how many cookies?

  • Hamza Shark:

    hehehe … that’s really BAD :) )

  • katana1361:

    Gibson SG guitars are cool shit. that got an old school look to them and sound nice. i dont own one but its a cool axe

  • Chris limkin:

    Yea it is for advanced beginners…lol a great course for beginners is just copy and paste….thumbs up for those of u who tried this!

  • urbanruler:

    sorry to say , you are not good in explaining . And you are too fast

  • ishanfallenangel:

    problem tuning guitar ??

    you might find this helpful ..
    1 minute tuning for every note .. :)
    thnx .. !! :-)

  • Joe Bagshaw:

    Low E is the fat string at the top of the guitar, also known as the 6th string.

  • TheChristinaalbert:

    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. What is ‘Low e’ I thought this was for beginners. This is for advanced beginners