Effective Ways of Using Chromatic Scale to Learn How To Play Guitar

The way guitar fingerboard is made is really mysterious and amazing. Many had actually tried to crack the code but simply couldn’t. Even though we all know how the fingerboard looks like to the average audience but how this fretboard look from the professional guitarist’s point of view if a different ball game altogether.

We may think of each string on the fretboard as a piano keyboard so that we can easily understand how it works. How the chromatic scale works and how it applies to the piano keyboard should be understood as the primary key of unlocking the fingerboard. This also helps in transferring visual patterns of the keyboard to each string on the guitar.

Looking at the chromatic scale and the piano keyboard model.

Almost all the modern piano consists of 88 keys made up of 52 white keys and 36 black keys. You would have played a chromatic scale if you were to start from the center of the keyboard and play every note till you reach a note of the same name as you started.
You would have played an ascending chromatic scale if you played your scale up to the higher notes on the keyboards towards the right side. You also would have played to a descending chromatic scale by moving down to the lower notes on the keyboards towards the left side.On the hand, you would have played a ‘Eb’ chromatic scale if you had started on a ‘Eb’ and reached the next ‘Eb’ after playing all the other notes on the keyboards.For you to know which chromatic scale you did, you have to name it from whichever note you started with. For instance, you would have played a ‘C’ chromatic scale if you had started with a ‘C’ and played all the notes till you reached the next ‘C.

Effective Ways of Using Chromatic Scale to Learn How To Play Guitar | Guitar GuideIt is also the same if you had started on a ‘F’ not and played all the other keyboards till you get to the next ‘F’. It would be said that you had an ‘F’ chromatic scale.

I believe this is quite simple to comprehend. Isn’t it? The above relates to piano but our primary concern here is how to play guitar using the chromatic notes to learn the notes. If you really understood how the chromatic scale woks, you can easily transfer the knowledge to the guitar fretboard.

Learning to play guitar would become very easy and simple for you if you think of each string as being a chromatic scale and view each string of the guitar in a linear fashion. It isn’t a difficult thing to do and it will really help you to hasten your guitar learning and mastery process.

In as much as anyone can argue that guitar and piano aren’t the same, the concept we outlined above remains the exact truth and had helped lots of folks to become professional guitar players easily even after trying out other methods with little result.

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