How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Play Guitar Online?

There is definite time schedule it will take for anyone to start playing guitar perfectly. The individual is one major propellant that pushes people to either stay glued till they ‘perfect’ it or simply rush to YouTube to learn a song. It all depends on what the individual learner want to achieve with it. Importantly, the length of time isn’t that necessary but how well the person can be able to play guitar at the end of the day.

If music has always been what you really desired to do, then you simply have to do it well but if you are there just to while away time, it is a different ball game altogether.

Many people had actually wanted to know how long it will take them to learn how to play guitar and this prompted me to come up with a simple test. It is called “passion test” and will help you to test your strength and interest in guitar and music.

The first passion test question: “How passionate are you about guitar and music?”

You are advised to take a sheet of paper and number from one to ten at the left hand side of the plain sheet. Then in a very relaxed form, write all the interests, professionals and personal roles, activities and musical engagements that stir up feelings inside of you. Make sure you write these in order of their importance to you.How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Play Guitar Online

Example of how your answer will be is:

  1. Going To Dance
  2. Listening To Music.
  3. Staying At Home With My Wife And Kids
  4. Going For Hiking During Holidays
  5. Going To The Beach With The Kids During Breaks e.t.c

Just be frank and write all the things you would ordinarily do when you have free time and detailed musical engagements you may have wish you can take part in.

The feedback may simply be interpreted thus;

If guitar or playing guitar falls in the top 5 of these interests, then the analysis below might be of great interest to you.

You have to know today that guitar playing isn’t a destination in its self by a life time journey. Anybody that decides to embark on it will enjoy it more if he or she is dedicated and determined.

You definitely need a well structure guitar course and if you really want to stand out and start playing to your heart desires real soon, you may have to contact a private teacher that will take time to groom you.

You have to ready to read and learn everything about guitar but nothing will work and you can never play if you don’t practice continually on a daily basis.

On the other hand, if guitar fall below the top 5 in your priority above, you may still play guitar but you are advised to take it simply as hobby your time and energy to other productive activities. You can learn to play guitar in an average of 12 months if you are in this category.

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