Marty Friedman guitar lesson (scales)

Marty explaining about some scale he “made up” and how to practice them, part by part. This clip was taken from Marty Friedman’s “Melodic Control” video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “Marty Friedman guitar lesson (scales)”

  • Erick Thor:

    3:19, Love how his mood changes so fast.

  • xHEiiNEkeNx:

    @RingoFreakingStarr People like you who slate theory and say it only limits you, clearly don’t know it. Or don’t know how to use it. Yeah it takes time, a lot of time… Once you can incorporate it into you’re playing though, you can manipulate it in any way you like. Like Marty does in this video!

  • xHEiiNEkeNx:


  • bleedstraker1995meta:

    man you are so bad ahahahahha XD
    Suicide Mission
    complete it as fast as you can

  • bleedstraker1995meta:

    whats re tuning??

  • RingoFreakingStarr:

    I know my scales and modes pretty well; when writing and recording music though I say fuck them and just play what sounds good. Creating melodic and dissonant parts is sometimes much easier when just playing around until it sounds right rather than sitting down and thinking, “Well if we are in A major then ___ will sound dissonant while a ___ arpeggio will sound very nice”. Theory is nice but like Marty explained in the video it can REALLY limit your musical abilities.

  • BigAndyTS:

    Great example of a guy forming an opinion of a guitar player that they obviously don’t know squat about. Seriously, putting Marty in the “no feel” category is just plain retarded if you actually know his music, especially his solo records.

  • TreborMarg:

    No. Sadly this Only works for blue and purple guitars.. that have pointy bits too btw.

  • leo13mj:

    it sounds like a harmonic minor scale..

  • coval3music:

    2:14 “let’s play a whole bunch of different patterns on the strings. Slowly, something like…” and then he plays faster than I ever could ;p

  • DC180:

    Man… that straight triplet was awesome.

  • TheRDM000:

    0:06 – Robot.

  • derrickFTEOS:

    His picking hand… carpal tunnel…

  • MegaOctober13:

    Does this work for red guitars???

  • Luka Buncic:

    you don’t belong here.

  • David Guilartes:

    Hi everybody, we are a lot of guitarist trying to learn all the things that marty shows in this tape but we don’t understand english perfectly.

    If someone can do the favor of write what he says, i could tranlate it and make subs for all of my friends of school and the other ones on the internet.

    Greetings and Thank you very much.

  • Snorri Þorvaldsson:

    What. The. Hell. Are you talking about? Have you even listened to ANYTHING Marty has written?

  • Blackshayde:

    Great example of a very technical guitarist with no feel at all. His solos are sterile and too mechanical. Jimmy Page is the converse of this: his solos are emotional, dirty, syncopated, manic, chaotic…

  • Animadantis420:

    3:22 “So its a little bit more interesting to break it up……(thinks) “whhaaaaaaaaa where am I?”
    Fantastic video and cool scale!

  • RuckusAmsel:

    I’m getting a contact high here.

  • Krishna Kumar:

    difficult to follow

  • WarlokMetal:

    Wow, I’m glad someone was able to clarify that all shredders only exist on ” shrapnel or a Japanese label.” Maybe you should let all those other more successful guitarists that they no longer qualify. And here I thought shredding was a style.

  • HaohmaruOfTheWind:

    They arent shredders. They arent on shrapnel or a japanese label. respong to me in my personal messages if you want.

  • GanjaPharmzor:

    Haha, but seriously. Quit doing heroine you pussy. Get to know that goddamn theory. Fuckin rape it.

  • eczen:

    laugh out loud wat if the comment is an insult and they win lol

  • david murphy:

    great video once again, exactly what i need to be learning to advance from where im at . thanks marty excellent stuff!!.

  • Bobsy11n11:

    I can see myself using these tips in the v.near future, it’s great.

  • onebrotherjohn:

    I am going to try again to learn Guitar. I am 62 and retired and Have trouble working my left hand, but I am determined to not fail, this time. I will keep watching and learning with practice, from your videos. Thanks for your time.

    John Bradshaw

  • wallykav1516:


  • Tom Heaselden:

    love you marty!

  • 詳細 宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲りします:


  • Milton Mount:

    i love music and just started playing guitar for about ayear and cant play and music except the tune to alladin and mario brothers… song yet in thier entirety

  • Tom Peters:

    Hi Marty, I just retired and decided to learn how to play the guitar. I heard about you from a friend and he did nothing but brag about how great you were. I’m impressed, Happy Holidays.

  • Kathie Nielsen:

    Hi Marty, I’m feeling a little out of place here! I’m 53 yrs old.Started learning guitar at 15 and fell in love. I did well for yrs (even taught for a while) until depression got the best of me. Since then I keep my guitars near me and work on my illness. Not much improvement but a while ago started aching to play again, so I’m trying to do that. Your video was all things I knew but your variation got me so excited & motivated. There’s really not much better feeling that playin &singin well. Thx

  • buster11ism:

    Great stuff allways come back to see your lessons your a great teacher with patience.
    Ron .

  • Caleb Roose:

    Awesome video! Really good clear instructions

  • alan machuca:

    I like how the song sounds at the beginning of the video…the one you play

  • Steve John:

    Excellent Instructions. I like the way you present the lessons. Its very easy to learn from you. Great Job!! Continue..

  • Marcus Crayford:

    sick really liked it was really helpful for getting me to the next step ….. really tip and great sounding cheers. i will enjoy watching more of your videos :)

  • achery komp:

    ;D Just subscribed! :D

  • achery komp:

    You are sooo good at guitar! It is always a pleasure to listen to your songs! I am just a beginner so this is a great video for me. Thank so much for the great video! :D

  • johnearthdragon9:

    Exceptional lesson… Thanks.

  • abarky24:

    thank you, Im just starting. great lesson!

  • miriamaviv:

    always so simple with you and sounds so
    great !! love you

  • muchlis akbar:

    good lesson,. time to practice!

  • 詳細 宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲りします:


  • Paulo Miranda:

    You are the man! I toke a guitar class but the professor is too slow and talk a lot but you Marty, definitely made my life easier. Thanks for doing this! we need people like you.

  • tmstenhouse:


  • Mohammed Haque:

    very nice brother, I have been trying to play guitar for long time , i never had any teacher, i just know some basic chords …but i love to play guitar, your instruction really help me to step ahead, if i need more help then i will write to you, make sure you reply me…hahaa..You will be my virtual guitar Teacher ..