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Help us caption and translate this video on Justin’s Completely Free, Rock Guitar Lessons. This is Lesson RH-003. …

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49 Responses to “RUSH – LIMELIGHT – How to Play – Free Online Guitar Lessons With Tabs”

  • nobadges:

    Good lesson, but maybe you’re doing it for simplicity for beginners:

    The second riff: BB-AA-E…you should continue to strum the high note B on the g-string when playing the AA -E power chords.

    Let the B ring throughout!

    Listen to Alex here: Search: “Limelight” by Rush Preview Lesson

  • JRaab311:

    I just bought a gibson les Paul studio and was thinking of what songs I should learn, this was the first video i searched and there it it, awesome.

  • crunchbite17:

    @BobbyCrispy may i ask what distortion pedal u are using here

  • Donnie Dresselhaus:

    ahh, how else would alot of us learn on you tube if it wasnt for guys like this making vids of other bands songs Italian? Appreciate the time you put into this vid Bobby

  • Donnie Dresselhaus:

    Thanks Bobby well done. easy to follow.

  • Julian Webb:

    Bobby, id enjoy your lessons a lot more if you didnt sound so tense, jut loosen up a little man

  • allghilliedup21:

    2:44 why is it 4-2-2…that’s a C#m chord…

  • Ron Lockhart:

    You’re great Bob, love your lessons and thank you very much!

  • rmonroe401:

    Then why are you here?

  • catapei:

    i m sorry. i thought u were the owner of the video. pay attention in what i m saying. u said it right. but he doesn’t do that way.

  • catapei:

    yea that’s right. but it’s not what i c u doing. u go from the B chord to the A chord and then to the E chord. but u don’t keep the B note, with ur pinky, on the G string. that note continues there during the 3 chords progression.

  • aurosne:

    Alex’s hold the pinky down for the B on the G string after moving from the B power chord to the A power chord. It is very noticeable after playing it the proper way.

  • catapei:

    btw the song is not exactly like this… search for alex lifeson limelight lesson preview and u ll c what i m talking about :) ))

  • catapei:

    gimme ur gibson =B

  • Cherie Andrews:

    douche. plain and simple

  • Cherie Andrews:

    do you make a living at this? Pay bills? I hope so – you deserve it, Bob.

  • Luke Kleinhen:

    I like your lessons bobby, keep em commin! good job by the way

  • SnowyCamel:

    also, once again, great lesson!

  • SnowyCamel:

    hey bobby could you please upload the full tabs onto your website?

  • Daniel Bruss:

    I don’t normally post comments on YouTube but I had to take the time to say THANK YOU for demystifying one of my favorite Rush tunes. I’m not a very advanced player and I’ve tried playing this song before using only tabs but I just couldn’t get it down. Seeing you break it down riff by riff was excellent. Keep up the outstanding work!

  • capsds25:

    Sounds like your guitar needs a truss rod adjustment.

  • KDwayner:

    You The man Mr Crispy! we should party! i live in t.o

  • Dylan Tindall:

    No solo :(

  • ItalianStallion8295:

    Lets make it happen. Hahaha

  • jeffmay1:

    I would actually recommend that he tries taking his head out of his ass first, then a Q-tip, and finally syringing his ears out

  • Mark Broadbent:

    12 and 15

  • Higor Penques:

    me da um amplificar monstro, uma guitarra desse, e o pedal que esse cara usou, pra ver se eu nao faço rapido assim, quero ver fazer assim no meu violao velho que eu uso aqui

  • Tht1kidYouKnw:

    ohhhhhhh that sounds gangster af

  • Debbie Driver:

    I know, its just not fair! thanks Jimmy page….!

  • Jimmy Page:

    It’s different for everyone.

  • Carl Loxley:

    thanks mate

  • Carl Loxley:

    “you’ll get shit really fast” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA funny cunt

  • Alexander Euteneier:

    If you don’t know what frets hes on. Then you probably can’t play it.
    PROTIP: as a rule of thumb, the 12th fret is the fret with two white dots on it. (its also the middle of the entire stringed neck.

  • MattSVK1:

    the one with two dots is the 12th freat

  • MattSVK1:

    thanks for a great lesson!

  • levi lucas:

    what are the frets he is using??? HELP i could prob play this if i knew the frets lol

  • videoediv666:


  • Preston Smith:

    I use my pinky and ring finger for this lick. I might change (automatically) if I need to go higher up. Never really noticed until I saw how you play it. Very clean tone, dude.

  • Timmycom:

    Ahhhh I seee. Been playing for a while now, was just really checking my technique :) My way seems to work, so I think I’ll stick to it. Thanks for clearing that up =D

  • Thegamershow22:


  • JBeni22:

    it’s not really important to use your middle finger, but it’s usually the finger that is most confortable to play fast licks like this, but anyway, you can still use your little finger for this too :)

  • BombourEpicAdventure:

    Get a better camera

  • Timmycom:

    Can you use your little finger for this? Or is it important to use your middle?

  • TheHeadHunter824:

    Nice video , thanks mate

  • Debbie Driver:

    lol! ok, just one hour?!

  • Matty Moore:

    With me, one hour of continuous work on a riff like that but your fingers will hurt :o

  • lizabeth downie:

    i dont think it helps me !!!!!!

  • navanslush:

    I hear ya, haha!

  • navanslush:

    your a funny guy, brilliant as usual, thanks Justin ;)