Become A Top Guitarist Even If You Are A Newbie

Become A Top Guitarist Even If You Are A NewbieDo you desire to become a top guitarist? You could be a newbie right now, but I hope you do not get discouraged. Just because you are a newbie today does not mean you will stay a newbie forever. Read on as I give you some of my expertise and advice on how you can improve your skills and eventually become the guitar player you have always dreamed of becoming. Do note that these methods will not turn you into a celebrity overnight. However, over time, these methods will help you improve your skills, and you should be on your way to become a pro.

Practice Daily

Practice makes perfect. However, you need to practice playing your guitar on a regular and consistent basis. You will not get better if you practice just once a week. No. I suggest that you practice playing your guitar every day. You do not have to spend hours on your guitar though. For a start, commit at least half an hour a day just practicing. If you are really passionate about playing the guitar, or if you have developed a strong and close bond with it, then your practice sessions will be enjoyable and not dreadful.

Start With Simple Songs

At this point, you may be familiar with just basic guitar chords and scales. Try playing simple songs first. If you are not able to play the entire song, that is fine. Just keep practicing on that simple song until you are able to master it and play it well. You can take this at your own stride. There is no need to hurry the learning process. As you get better and better, you can move on to playing the more difficult songs. Build yourself a repertoire of songs that you are confident of playing.

Challenge Your Friends

Here is an additional method that can really boost your learning speed. You can challenge your friends to guitar battles, and I don’t mean on Guitar Hero. I am talking about real battles. Get yourself an audience of listeners and have them pick a song from a list. Let them judge who can play the song more creatively and technically. This will help you develop the confidence that you will need, especially if you intend to perform in live concerts in future.

By now I hope you have a better understanding of how to become a top guitarist, even if you are a newbie. Do remember to enjoy your journey.

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