Beginners Tips on Guitar – What You Need To Get Started

If you are reading this, you have made the conscious effort to learn the basics of guitar playing. Therefore it goes without saying that you are ready to set sail. However, here are a couple of tips that might prove helpful in your noble quest.

Success tip number one:

Time is a factor that cannot be shoved under the carpet. What I mean by this is that you will have to create time for this pastime. You will have to be consistent with the time you are giving to the study of the guitar, as consistency is part of the requirement for proficiency. You might have to put some of your routine activities on hold just for the guitar. Do not be sad; it is worth it in the long run. Another thing you should know about the guitar is that once you start playing it, you might not be able to stop it, and a sessions supposedly for 20 minutes might drag into a couple of hours. I just wonder if you will be able to handle the time aspect. To illustrate the effect of time, let me tell you this brief story: I once had a friend from high school who was very good on the guitar. He told me that it took him five hours daily for seven weeks – consistently to achieve his level of mastery. Now, I’m not saying you can’t do that, but that you have to consider all factors so you don’t suffer from a dearth of zeal later no in your program.

Success tip number two:

Take the pains to ensure that you have gotten a guitar of good quality. In this global economic meltdown, I know you might want to dance around the subject, but trust me, it really matters a lot. If you can get a good quality guitar – and one that you are comfortable with – you have probably sped up your learning phase by a couple of notches. I advice that you get a really good guitar for your learning. You’ll be thanking me later.

Here’s the reason: when you start playing for the first time, your fingers may feel the sting of the strings. It will make you not only slower in learning, but overtime your fingers will become sore, until they finally adjust to the strings. The purchase of a good guitar will put these things into consideration. Your store attendant could even help you in choosing a guitar that is more lenient on you.

Success tip number three:

Look into the online guitar learning option. This option is quite money economizing (as it can save you a lot more than if you had employed a physical tutor) you can have a decade’s worth of lessons for as low as fifty dollars online. Plus, since it is online, you get updated real fast on recent trends, chords, scales and songs that you can learn.

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