Five Basic Tips To Get You Started In Your Electric Guitar Adventure

It’s amazing that I was able to reduce this to five, as there are in reality over a million tips that I could possibly unload on you considering your guitar ambitions. I hope that these will have the desired assistance to you in the long run.

Tip number one:

Make sure your electric guitar is regularly tuned. This is highly important, since electric guitars have such things as string bends. The need to regularly have your guitar tuned will be evident if you find yourself playing a really cool song, and suddenly, “SPING!” your guitar goes out of tune, leaving your guitar and your music sounding like audio for the Tom and Jerry show.

Tip number two:

Establish a relationship with your guitar. This implies that you will ensure to know the working principles behind your guitar’s performance. You should know the function of every knob, protrusion, depression, hollow or port on the guitar. You should know how to manipulate the many features on the body of the electric guitar to produce satisfactory sounds.

Five Basic Tips To Get You Started In Your Electric Guitar Adventure | Guitar Guide

Tip number three:

Master the art of keeping unwanted strings quiet. In some special cases where the sound of the amplifier is on the high side, the vibration from the amplifier may make some of the string not being played begin to vibrate. This has the peculiar effect of effectively ruining your song. You should learn to control this to get better musical results.

A way to go about this would be to lay your strumming palm against the guitar’s stem, where the offending strings are.

Tip number four:

Learn some funky licks and scales. These will help lend a unique quality to your playing and should help you add a little ginger to your musical swagger. Occasionally kicking up a few licks and spreading them around the edges of your delivery can make your sounding a lot richer and better, all the more so when you are on a roll with the audience.

Tip number five:

This tip lends its importance from the quality it adds to the musical note to which it is applied. This is called note bending with vibrato application. It may not seem like much, but I can name a thousand guitar fans that will just go wild if their star applies a note bend and then rapidly bursts it with some good and sustained vibrato. The vibration can even help make an ordinarily dull piece of music become a colossal rendition. The funny thing about this technique is that it is easy to learn, but mastering it is another matter entirely.

Well, there you have it. I could name some more, since these ones are essentially just a tip off the iceberg, but I just highlighted these so you can have a fair sense of what you should be looking for by way of guitar skills.

I hope you commit these to heart, practice them, wow the crowd and acquire more skills along the way!

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