Follow These Three Steps and You Are a Master Guitarist!

It might seem contradictory, but believe this: the guitar is probably the easiest musical instrument to play in the whole wide world. A reason for this is that the ability to read music is not a pre-requisite for learning – I know quite a number of renowned guitarists who can’t even read sheet music! Unfortunately, however, there are a number of guitarists who have been stuck within the rut of playing only a couple of weak chords every year. Beyond that, they become fish on dry land. The good news, therefore is that I have discovered that you can actually perfect your skills and learn guitar in just three easy procedures! I’m going to run by them shortly:

1. Shop for the guitar that is ‘you’: It might sound a bit far-fetched, but you need to get a guitar that actually fits you. That is why I do not advice you go to these commercialized shops and order anything wooden with a hole in it. If you do so, you might discover that you will be frustrated with the guitar within a couple of days, in essence making you give up guitar entirely – worst case scenario. My suggestion is that you go to a shop where you can talk to a professional, getting “professional’ advice on the best guitar that will suit a person like you. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone like that, if the shop is credible. Just don’t allow your shyness to get in the way, okay?

2. Get taught: This means that you begin learning to actually play the guitar. You could buy the guitar books that we have lying around, and begin the process of self-tutoring. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? Hmmm, I thought so myself. The other alternatives which are much better are:

Follow These Three Steps and You Are a Master Guitarist | Guitar Guide

1. Private tutoring: here, you make arrangements to be taught by a guitar teacher at home. While this is good, it is also quite expensive!

2. Group tutoring: this is much easy on the pockets. It means that you get to receive classes with a whole bunch of other guitar playing wannabe’s. This can be quite fun too, as you have the opportunity of making friends with a like mind – playing the six stringed music piece.

3. Online Sessions: Yu can choose to use the online session, logging on to websites that offer guitar lessons, with accompanying DVD’s and audiovisuals.

3. Practice Over and over again: Yes. That’s the last step. Keep learning independent of your teacher, day in, day out. For at least ten minutes daily, exercise those fingertips. It helps strengthen them, as well as perfects your skills. Make sure you have your guitar within easy reach daily for this purpose. Practicing with friends is okay, too as this will enable you learn new things and stimulate your mind to challenges.

Okay. There you have them: the three tips to guitar playing. Simple yet effective. They are winners anytime. It makes guitar playing fun too! I hope that as you embark on your guitar learning journey, you find fun all the way!

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